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Aug 21, 2007 08:33 AM

Big disappointment in Stockton , NJ

Visited the Stockton Inn on Saturday night for the first time with much excited anticipation. As we approached we thought we were in dining heaven. It is built into the side of a mountain with two waterfalls to the side of beautifully landscaped layered decks. On this nice Summer evening, they had a wonderful jazz band playing on the upper deck. What a great setting! However the dining experience was awful. First the bartender prepared the worst Mojito I ever had. Just tasted like rum and club soda with a sprig of mint. My partners Martini was barely passable. Then the rolls..hard dry nuggets. My crab cakes were cold, overly seasoned and appeared and tasted to have been in the refrigerator for at least a couple of days. My dining companion's crab au gratin was acceptable. Aftter dinner I ordered a Melonball that was also incorrectly prepared by the bar. I don't know if it was just our unlucky day,but it was a shame that a restaurant that has so much going for it can't get the main event right!

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  1. This restaurant has suffered from uneven food as long as I can remember. One visit can be pretty spectacular, and the next can be downright horrible. (Our visits there have been years apart because of issues like this.) The patio area is absolutely wonderful. It's too bad the food is so hit or miss. My DH and I had one terrific experience on the patio - great dinner, drinks, the whole works - years ago, unfortunately. Then on another visit we both became ill after dinner. Needless to say we didn't go back for a VERY long time. We did stop there for lunch a year or so ago (it could have been longer) because we heard the restaurant was under new mngmt. Lunch was very good. I'm sorry to hear that it appears it has gone so appallingly downhill again since then. Rats.

    1. Really disappointed to hear about your experience. I had heard that the Inn had really improved since being sold a year or so ago. I have to say it's pretty difficult to screw up a martini, assuming it's a traditional martini!

      I wonder if the problem lay with it being a weekend night. We have begun going out for dinner on week nights or Sunday because so many good restaurants seem to have "issues" on Friday or Saturday. Maybe we'll try the Stockton Inn on a week night.

      1. You must try the Sergeantsville Inn a few miles away from the Stockton Inn..You wil NOT be disappointed! It's our favorite in the area...

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          Debbie D, it's been a long, long time since I was at the Sergeantsville Inn. It's had some good reviews lately so I'm planning to go.

          As I recall, the Inn has several small dining rooms. Is one more preferable than the others? If so, I'd like to specify when I make my reservation. On a week night, this may not be possible but on a weekend, when the place is likely to be full, I'm sure you can request a specific room. TIA!

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            This is on my list also, so was SI but after reading your post the other day forgetaboutit. DD -- there are also 2 menus I believe, one for the tavern. Any comment are appreciated, thanks.

        2. I ate at the Stockton Inn yesterday evening. We sat outside in the patio area and had a great table near the waterfall. There was a singer and guitar player and they were fantastic. Drinks -- we had glasses of wine, so no mistakes there. The bread was fine. The Caesar salad is passable but not worth the price. However the salad with crab and avocado was excellent. The entrees were very good -- Chilean sea bass and scallops with pasta. We skipped dessert. The service could have been better -- the servers seem you and inexperienced. Overall we enjoyed it and would go back. I must agree with Debbie D below regarding the Sergeantsville Inn -- it is excellent! Another good inn in Pennsylvania is the Carversville Inn.

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