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Aug 21, 2007 08:31 AM

Lebanese Taverna, Lemon Tree or Mosaic?

If you were deciding between these three for a quick lunch in Rockville, where would you go?

Or is there a fourth option I'm missing?

I'm looking for something quick, sandwich-y, not Asian, and on the nicer side. (Going with my mother in law)

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  1. There is a fourth option -- a kabob place across from Congressional Plaza, on the Chicken Out side, on the side near Joe's Noodle House. Really good kabobs (the cornish hen is superb as is the sirlon) - you order at the counter and they bring it to you at the nice seating area relatively quickly. Lots of Persian clientele.

    That said, I enjoy Lebanes Taverna, haven't tried the other two.

    1. went to Lebanese Taverna yesterday for lunch in Tyson's II. Completely dissappointed in my dish. I got the Schwarma with salad. Salad was over dressed and didn't really like the yougurt dressing. As for the sandwich, I could only take a few bites.


      1. I'm a fan of Lebanese Taverna. I usually go to the one in Pentagon City, so I can't speak to Rockville. If you're comfortable with your mother in law, I would suggest ordering a selection fo mezzas for your meal. It is so much more fun to try a bunch of different things.