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Aug 21, 2007 08:22 AM

The best hot dog toppings -- Discuss!

August is taking its last furtive gasps on the East Coast, and as soon as it expires, so does the summer. That means there's only a couple more weeks where hot dogs will still be "in season," before its status will be relegated to the much maligned, "convenience food." So while there's still time, I ask you, how do YOU like to top your hot dogs?

I love a good Jersey ripper, deep fried and topped with onions and mustard. Though I have to admit Southern dogs, grilled and topped with cole slaw, chili and/or bacon are also pretty unbelievable in their deliciosity! Even a cheap Thai hot dog, cut into florets, fried and dipped in sweet chili sauce is a satisfying treat. There's just too many options -- help me choose how to prepare summer's perfect food!

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  1. Well, here in NY, sauerkraut and spicy mustard are the classic hot dog condiments. I like to add a good pickle relish. Then again, my brother swears by chili cheese dogs... I've never tried 'em.

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    1. re: vvvindaloo

      Oh my.. never had a chili cheese dog? It's great fall and winter food! I'll make a simple dinner w/them: open faced with a hot dog on a slice of bread with some good chili, and then put some cheddar cheese and chopped onions on top! Yum! As for other hot dogs, I'm more of a cheeseburger person myself... but I really like a good hot dog at the movies or a ball game. I can't stand pickles or ketchup, but for some reason, at those places, all I want on my dog is ketchup, mustard and relish. At home, if I'm in the mood for a hot dog, I'll put mayo, mustard, american cheese and sliced onions on them. Have eaten them that way since I was a child.

      1. re: lilyalli

        I know, I know. I just can't see myself putting cheese on a hot dog. BTW- I should have mentioned my obsessive love of Yankee Stadium Jumbo dogs with mustard, ketchup and relish... it must be a baseball thing!

    2. In Chicago hot dogs are always in season.

      My favorite toppings:

      #1 mustard, white onions, pickle relish, tomato, sport peppers, celery salt and a dill pickle spear. aka a "Chicago Style Dog"

      #2 chili, cheddar cheese, white onions

      #3 american cheese, jalapenos, white onion, sriracha

      All of the above preferably made with a grilled kosher hotdog. Best Kosher is my favorite brand.

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      1. re: swsidejim

        Although I am not a fan of Chicago's version of pizza, a Chicago style dog is hot dog perfection.

        1. re: Megiac

          I am in complete agreement regarding "Chicago Style" pizza, give me a thin crust pizza anyday.

        2. re: swsidejim

          I think it is highly appropriate that the Chicago dog is mentioned in the fourth comment down out of a lengthy thread. It is the epitome of "hot-dogginess" to me. As a traditionalist, I will always accept it with the neon-green relish without complaint, but I must confess that I think traditional dark green relish has more flavor. My favorite place to have it is from the bookstore/luncheonette (probably long gone by now) or a roving hotdog truck at the University of Chicago. (I know the trucks are still roving, even after all these years.)

          As for the negative aspersions cast on the Chicago pizza, if you don't think of it as a pizza, but rather as a hot sausage (as opposed to mild sausage), tomato, and mozzarella pie, you will like it better. Made well, it is delicious, just not really a pizza.

        3. Bacon wrapped hot dog with avocados & sour cream (sometimes with salsa)

          Hot dog with diced cucumbers, melted cheddar and a bit of cream cheese

          Both on a lightly toasted bun!

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            1. re: pacz

              Ooh that first one is making my mouth water.

            2. Mayo over a grilled hotdog and toasted bun

              1. Tough to beat an LA bacon-wrapped dog with grilled onions and peppers, mustard, mayo and a bit of hot sauce. Great after a ballgame or a night on the town. Definitely like them better than what I got in Chicago, but I think it's just a regional comfort food thing.

                At home, I'm simple, but a little weird. Diced white onion, a mixture of ketchup and tapatio, and maybe a little guacamole.

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                1. re: MeAndroo

                  those hot dogs are great! me and my friends call them ghetto dogs. my friend made some at home one time, what was funny is that she bought all the stuff at whole foods. so it turned out to the an all natural ghetto dog. tasted fantastic. better quality ingredients i guess. gourmet ghetto dog i suppose.

                  how i usually eat them. and i usual eat them at dodger baseball games. deli mustard and white onion. i hardly ever get relish or ketchup. mayo is a good choice too.

                  1. re: phant0omx

                    I just still can't wrap my mind around these mayo dogs. Do you put anything else on the bun besides mayo? And how much mayo do you use? I'm eager to attempt this.

                    1. re: phant0omx

                      G-Dogs! man i thought i was the only one that called them that, i just shortened the name. they are the best though. i also like putting rough chopped dill pickles tomatoes and onions