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Aug 21, 2007 08:16 AM

Bay/Wellington: lunchtime burger?

I want a burger for lunch, any suggestions on where to go? Not too expensive, around $10 at most (so, no Bymark!).

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    1. re: pescatarian

      Thanks for the suggestion! We wound up at Harvey's :( But I really like Beer Bistro and will definitely keep that in mind for next time!

    2. Hero Burger? There's one on Yonge just north of King, and I think also in the PATH.

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      1. re: jinxed

        I think Hero Burger is not worth the money... the fries are good though.
        I've actually been curious about this silver chip truck by the Commerce Court courtyard. I see people with their hand-cut, double-fried fries all the time, and they usually haev it with a burger. Anyone tried that burger? The combo is $5.50.

        1. re: jayseeca

          I 100% agree about Hero Burgers. (sorry I hate to be a grumpy post-er) - it's not worth the money. Not sure what the big deal is with that place.

          But I really like Burger King....(exchange tower) or Wendy's (scotia plaza)

          1. re: Apple

            I normally abhor burgers, but I actually liked the ones from Hero Burger. Overpriced, yes. Tasty fries, also a yes. Opinion may be due to lack of experience in burger-eating.

            1. re: Apple

              are you saying with a straight face that Burger King and Wendys are better than Hero Burger?? lol

            2. re: jayseeca

              Agreed on Hero Burger. Gets a lot of hype, but it's a dry burger on a too-dry bun

          2. The Strathcona for Brugers and Beer...

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              1. re: cara89

                York and Wellington...Right beside Bardi's...

            1. I tried the Solly's (attached to Pumpernickel's) burger upstairs in First Canadian Place once...pretty good for a food court burger! Plump and juicy. Toppings looked unappetizing though.

              1. It's worth the 10 min walk east on King to the Patrician Grill. A greasy spoon joint with the best burger I've had in Toronto. Across from George Brown. My co-workers and I make the trek from the same intersection at least once a month.

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                1. re: Wil

                  That is the BEST Greasy Spoon in Town!!!!!! You will not find a better Club House Sandwich anywhere