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Aug 21, 2007 07:57 AM

vegas cheap eats and buffets near the tropicana??

hey im going to vegas this weekend(and on a tight budget) any rec's for cheap eats near the tropicana hotel within walking distance(rather it be on or off the strip),also any recs for inexpensive but "good" buffets walking distance of the tropicana? thanks

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  1. Not much cheap stuff in that area, as that is pretty prime real estate on the Strip, so everything is expensive. Everything in MGM, across the street from the Tropicana, is expensive. NYNY is on the opposite corner, restaurants moderately priced, mostly chains, although I've read good reviews about the Nine Fine Irishmen and Gallagher's. They've also got a food court and a Nathan's Hot Dog place there, which is good for cheap eats.

    Haven't eaten much in Excalibur, except for the Krispy Kreme donut shop on the 2nd floor. Most of the good restaurants in the area are at Mandalay Bay and MGM, but are probably more expensive than your budget.

    The best good buffets are probably worth walking or taking the tram to either Paris or Planet Hollywood. The Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood (formerly called the Aladdin) is worth going to, moderately priced at $16, last time I went. No cheap $4 buffets anymore, except on the northern end of the Strip, in rundown places like the Sahara or Riviera.

    Don't know of much off the Strip in that area. The most rundown of the hotels in that area are Tropicana, Excalibur, and Hooters, so they're likely to have the most inexpensive restaurants.

    There used to be good cheap eats at the Boardwalk, with great foot-long hot dogs and chili-cheese fries, but that place was demolished a few years ago.

    1. if you feel like walking, i just stayed at bally's and surprisingly their big kitchen buffet was pretty good for the money. we had the breakfast $13.99.

      1. Don't overlook the Trop itself. There is no getting past the fact that it is OLD; but it does offer some value: there is an Italian restaurant and a deli shop that may not be on par with what you would see at Bellagio, but still satisfy.

        Food courts: Hawaiian Market Place is halfway between MGM and PH. It has the basic chains and also an Indian restaurant with a buffet bar. Plus you get a fun tacky Vegas vibe which is missing from, say, Wynn. Also try the NYNY food "street" that has a collection of delis and fast food.

        A buffet that hits the sweet spot of value, ambience, and shorter lines is at Mandaly Bay. It has a smaller selection than most, but every time I've been there the food has been excellent.

        1. I don't know how close to the Tropicana it is, but I've heard really good things about Ellis Island. HUGE dinner for under $7 and $1 draft beers.

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            It would be a two mile walk. Doable but more than many would be willing to walk.

            The Orleans has a very decent, reasonably priced buffet, The Orleans is a 1.25 miles west of the Tropicana.

            We had tickets to Folles Bergere at the Trop back in January and we did NOT see any great inexpensive food at the Trop. After the show, we went over to Ellis Island.

            1. re: jlawrence01

              the food court in the MGM has some cheap but pretty good eats

          2. read the other posts - agree you are not in the best spot for cheap eats - you can take the tram ( across the street at mgm ) take it down to bally's and then it might be 1/2 mile walk to ellis island...but's gonna be damn hot !!!
            i have not taken the tram since it's been re-vamped, so not sure where it ends - i think you can take ot to the riviera in which case...if you're stomache can handle it - across the street is slots-of-fun...the $1 dgg that weighs....hmmm...maybe 50 pounds !!!! next door is one of the best value steakhouses at circus circus.

            another option is to take a bus east to metro pizza ( decent pizza...not the best, but it's good and a nice space ) - my guess...less than 2's near unlv. if you make it to eastern, you have siena italian deli and freeds bakery...freeds is somewhat of a landmark...i think the place is ok.

            on the other side of the 15 freeway is wild west casino - it's kinda truckers casino - the coffee shop has several cheap breakfasts to choose from - not high end stuff but damn cheap !! - it's less than a mile...but again...the heat !!! before you hit wild west, you have in-n-out burger...if you're not from cali, it's worth a visit...they make a decent buger.

            the orleans does have a good may want to take the bus to that one !!!

            good luck !