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Aug 21, 2007 07:38 AM

midtown recommendation?

I need a recommendation for a dinner for 2 in Manhattan - am going with a business collegaue who is not particularly adventurous. Previously we have gone to Mesa Grill and Bar Americain, both of which he liked. I don't want to go back to B.A. and I would go to Mesa Grill again except that I'd rather go somewhere a shorter walking distance from our hotel in Midtown (Madison and 52nd). Any suggestions?

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      anything for someone who is generally meat and potatoes but may go for something a little more adventurous (like, he liked Mesa Grill but probably wouldn't like anything very ethnic)

      1. re: dawnk5

        For Italian, check out Insiemme or Piano Due.
        Spark's Steakhouse

        1. re: dawnk5

          or if you can try Peter Luger, over the Wiliamsburg Bridge. has been there for years and it is still wonderful

        2. re: LeahBaila

          you need to try BLT on 57th between Lexington & Park - great place, atmosphere is nice.

        3. A few weeks ago I went to A Voce (near Madison Square Park in the Flatiron district). My sister and I both loved it. I am probably more adventurous than your companion -- I ordered octopus and tripe - but I'm sure he'd find something a bit more conventional. It's really just excellent Italian cooking -- and I don't think it's any more expensive than the Mesa Grill, which is where we were the previous night.

          1. Lever House, Brasserie and Alto are all within walking distance of your hotel. Alto would likely be the best choice for its easily accessible Tyrolean Italian fare: a blend of the best of Northern Italy and Central Europe. Nothing is too exotic for a timid palate, but the preparation is certainly skillful enough that an adventurous eater won't get bored.

            1. Head over to Smith and Wollensky Grill. Excellent food and casual atmosphere.

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              1. re: princeofpork

                Thank you, I'll check these out. I'd also be open to suggestions outside of midtown but within walking distance (maybe up to 20 blocks). I'd prefer a more casual atmosphere than formal and am just hoping for a wide variety of suggestions to check out.

                1. re: dawnk5

                  8 1/2: A very underrated and stunning restaurant on West 57th Street. Love the food and the art work...and love taking clients here.

                  1. re: dawnk5

                    Keens, our favorite steakhouse, is within your 20-block walking distance parameters. It's been in its 36th St. location, b/t 5th & 6th Avs., since 1885. So, in addition to excellent food, there is unmatchabe old NY ambiance.


                2. I think Keane's Steakhouse is worth a visit, though might not be "walking distance" for you. Try the mutton chop...

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                  1. re: Abe Froman

                    He, Abe,

                    Note that I suggested Keens (See post just above yours.), and it definitely is within the 20-block walking distance dawnk5 indicated being comfortable with in a post 2 spots up from mine. :-)