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Aug 21, 2007 07:36 AM

Miami Hounds Help Boston Hound

Coming to SB for 2 nights in September (7th and 8th), having a real hard time picking only 2 places for dinner. Right now I have reservations at Talula on Friday and Michael's Genuine Food and Drink on Saturday; places I was also considering: Altamar, Grillfish, Zuperpollo...any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

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  1. Drop Zuperpollo and Grillfish. Stick with what you got.

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    1. Just to be sure, are you driving? If not, Michael's genuine is pretty far by cab. I think that Alta Mar is better than Michael's Genuine btw. But Lax is probably going to violently disagree with me...

      If you can drive anywhere, and are just looking for great food in the Miami area, I would do something like Graziano's on bird rd or Francesco as one of your restaurants.

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        I would violently disagree with you too! ;-) I would keep Michael's, and agree with you tpigeon on adding Francesco's if the driving is not a problem. If you are staying on he beach Talula is a good choice, but also good are Sardinia and Osteria del Teatro. You can also search the board for other local less upscale favorites... Have fun!

        1. re: yomyb

          I should really try Michaels one more time.

          Agree with your choices btw as well if staying on the beach and you want italian.

          One more thing about altamar, a couple of other bostonites were not impressed either. I think they were wacky but maybe your standards of fish are really high in boston.

          1. re: tpigeon

            We are staying on the beach but we will have a car; I hadn't thought of Italian just because we have a lot of fine Italian in Boston and I was looking for something different thus, Talula, Michael's or Altamar, but I would reconsider if Francesco's or Osteria del Teatro shouldn't be missed.

              1. re: tpigeon

                As much as I like Michael's (and I'm keeping my violent disagreement to myself) I'd drop it for something with a more Latin or Floridian bent. Altamar and Francesco's are good options (Altamar because of its local seafood and Francesco's because, well, it's Peruvian). Another place might be River Oyster Bar in Brickell. Not sure if it's a "one of only 2 places I can go" type of place, but there are some dishes with Floridan/Caribbean influences, a good selection of oysters (both from the NE and West Coast) and a convivial atmosphere. Basically it's similar to Michael's but it's been around a while so it gets less love. And thanks for being one of the two tourists who come to Miami and don't have an expensive steakhouse on their culinary itinerary.

                1. re: lax2mia

                  If I had to pick two meals in Miami I'd be hard pressed to do better than Talula and Michael's. While Michael's might not have much local ethnic influence, there's a strong focus on local ingredients. Pretty sure all the fish they use is local other than the alaskan salmon (an exception I fully support because west coast salmon is vastly superior to Atlantic) and they're also making an effort to use local produce like Florida heirloom tomatoes.

                  To further complicate the choice, if you want some "local flavor" I'd also consider Ola (nuevo latino) or Ortanique (nuevo caribbean).

                  1. re: Frodnesor

                    I just searched the web for Francesco's and it sounds fantastic, my wife isn't too adventurous but I think we might have to try this.

                    1. re: bakerboyz

                      Also, Ortanique sounds great too. Thanks all.

      2. i am from boston also, and spend winters in miami. honestly, the only thing we really go out of our way for when we get down to miami is joes stone crab. the crab claws are delicious and the only food we can't get better in boston. (we prefer the take-out) i would have to strongly advise against altamar. we have given it a fair chance with a few different meals and the fish is really disappointing.
        i don't think you will get any food as good as boston anywhere in miami, so i would go more for setting and atmosphere, such as a leisurely lunch and people watching somewhere on lincoln road. also don't miss a great, authentic cuban sandwich such as at puerto sagua

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        1. re: gingersnap

          I bet that Miami annihilates Boston in central and south american food of all types.

          Also I bet that Osteria del Teatro, Romeo's cafe and Sardinia would do just fine up in boston.