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What to do with a large bunch of dill?

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Used a little to make poached salmon. What should I do with the rest?

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  1. How do the ideas in the Digest article strike your fancy? (links to 2 previous threads about using dill as well)


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      Dill rice is absolutely delicious. When I have goulash or paprikash, I sometimes like dilled noodles on the side as well.

    2. I like it in egg salad and chicken soup

      1. Maybe dill soup? I had one the other day at a Hungarian restaurant which was a chicken-broth base that had been flavoured with lots of chopped fresh dill and a bit of lemon, and with rice mixed in to add body and make it more filling. I was very sad to see the bottom of my bowl, let me tell you. :)

        1. pickles are the only good use of dill (I don't really like dill). quick cucumber pickles: slices, vinegar, onion, a garlic clove, and dill.

          1. This cucumber salad is very good and uses dill...


            1. Dill pesto! I love this stuff.

              The recipe is from drgourmet.com. (Sorry. For some reason the link to the recipe wouldn't post correctly.)

              Dill Pesto
              Servings = 6 | Serving size =2 tablespoons
              This recipe can be multiplied by 2.
              This dill pesto keeps well for up to a week in the refrigerator.
              2 Tbsp pine nuts
              2 cloves garllc (minced)
              4 cups fresh dill
              1 ounce Parmigiano-Reggiano (grated)
              2 Tbsp water
              2 tsp fresh lemon juice
              2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
              Combine pine nuts, garlic fresh dill, parmesan, water, lemon juice and olive oil in blender and blend until smooth.

              Chill thoroughly.
              Nutrition Facts
              Serving size: 2 Tablespoons | Servings 6
              Calories 92 | Calories from Fat 76
              Amount Per Serving (% Daily Value)
              Total Fat 9g (14%) | Saturated Fat 2g (8%)
              Monounsaturated Fat 5g | Trans Fat 0g
              Cholesterol 3 mg (1 %) | Sodium 76 mg (3 %)
              Total Carbohydrates 1g (0%) | Sugars 0g
              Dietary Fiber 0g (1%) | Protein 2g
              Vitamin A 9% | Vitamin C 9 % | Calcium 7% | Iron 4%
              Vitamin K 5 mcg | Potassium 78 mg | Magnesium 16 mg

                1. I add it to salads! Just cut it up if you have any cilantro or parsley they all add a nice fresh flavor to the salad

                  1. Make gravad lachs. MMMmmmmmm

                    1. i love dill...

                      add it to soups, green salads, grain/starch salads (i love it in potato salad especially!), cucumber salad (1:1 sugar to vinegar, thinly sliced cukes and chopped dill), chicken salad, add to cream sauce and use for whatever, stir some into hummus, chop some and add to eggs/quiche...

                      and if you get sick of it, freeze with water in an ice cube tray for another day.

                        1. Maybe chop it up fine, soften some butter, mix it together and roll it into a little log. Then if you do some fish or veggies and want to add some flavor, the herb is already in with the butter. You can keep some of it in the freezer if it is too much for you to use within a reasonable timeframe.

                          1. dill and green bean potato salad!
                            I don't have the recipe in front of me, but it's new potatoes, onion, dill, and fresh blanched green beans. Plus a basic vinaigrette - red wine vinegar, mustard, oil, salt and pepper. In the past I've added hard boiled eggs and tomatoes to change it up a bit.

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                              Oh yes, you just reminded me! Fine Cooking has an amazing potato salad recipe if you're into the creamy kind. It always gets raves:

                              Creamy Potato Salad with Radishes, Lemon & Dill

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                                You can use it to make cucumber dill yogurt dressing. Just take greek yogurt, put in lemon juice, finely chopped dill, grated cucumber(minus the water), salt and pepper. Tastes really good! You can even grind it all to make it into a cucumber dill yogurt dip.

                            2. This recipe serves two:

                              I double fold two foot-long pieces of foil and to the right side of each I add about six quarter-inch slices of red potatoes in three rows. Top the potatoes with white fish or scallops, then top that with de-veined and tail-less large shrimp. Cover all with thin slices of lemon. Cut into four quarters one large ear of corn-on-the-cob and place two pieces end to end (vertically) to the right of the seafood. Mix a quarter stick of softened butter with fresh minced garlic and a generous amount of fresh dill and spoon the mixture over the corn and fish. Fold the foil to the right over all and seal edges well. Grill over medium-high gas or coals for seven minutes with potato-side down first, then flip and grill five minutes longer. Sooooo yummy and no cleanup!!

                              1. Dill tossed with roasted carrots is delicious. I also second the dill and green bean idea. The recipe I have is green beans, radishes, dill and feta in a sherry vinegarette. Super good, super simple, super fresh summer recipe.

                                1. Cold cucumber dill soup. My summer favorite.

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                                    Gravlax uses LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of fresh dill.