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Aug 21, 2007 07:00 AM

Pret a Manger Comes To DC

Ok, so I can't not put this news up.
I emailed Pret a Manger because 1) I'm a loser with too much time on my hands and 2) I am so tired of the same junk as lunch options in DC.

So, the news is that after they finish a few of their NYC stores, they are coming here. The woman who replied said to look for more specific info towards the end of this year as to locations and openings.

Good news. I am hopeful that they'll be in my work hood and not, say, Georgetown. Or best case - they open a few and include the 12th and K neighborhood.

Rejoice, all!

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  1. The wonderful chain in London? Good news indeed!

    Thanks for having too much time on your hands!

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    1. re: Indy 67

      yep, same chain.
      I've never been to the NYC ones, but I am pretty sure it's the same set up, very similar menu, and same convenience.

    2. I haven't been to a Pret since my semester abroad in London a few years back- hopefully they'll maintain the same fantastic takeout that I enjoyed in London, or at least close to it! I've actually never been to any of the ones in NYC, can anyone attest to how close the food quality is to the original Prets?

      1. I love this chain! I had it almost every day for lunch, during a brief research trip to London years ago. I was ecstatic to see one recently in NYC. The food quality was the same high standards, but the selection wasn't what I remembered. I looked for some of my favorites, like Chicken and Avocado, something with curry in it... but no luck. I assume they adapt the selections somewhat to American, if not regional, tastes. Or it may have just been due to the smaller location (and smaller kitchen).

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        1. re: pattiat600block

          they have their US (NY) menu online, and it seems they have pretty similar stuff to the london shops.

          1. re: Jeserf

            This has to be one of the best restaurant websites I've ever seen. When you click on each food item it gives you a list of ingrediants, nutritional facts (protein, energy value, sodium etc) and price. Very nice...especially for those of us looking to lose a few pounds.

        2. That's so funny. I emailed them once about 2 years ago asking them the same question. Then, they didn't have plans to move here. i like to think their moving here has something to do with people like you and me!

          1. Good news for you DC people! We have had Pret in NYC for several years. It's a life saver for us NY'ers. Excellent, innovative, high quality "fast food" at reasonable prices. Let alone the excellent website with nutrional info and some of the best customer service reps out there. Anytime I've had any issues (very rare), I've always heard back from them, and frequently they've sent me coupons for free meals to boot! Love these people, they know how to make their customers very happy.

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            1. re: sivyaleah

              ooo that's a good report!

              I think they'll do exceptionally well here - too many people wait in line for 20 minutes for a (IMO) crappy sandwich/salad at Cosi or Au Bon Pain when they could run into Pret and get a considerably better product.

              They'll do well, and hopefully open enough so they aren't jam packed all the time.