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Aug 21, 2007 06:52 AM

HOBOKEN [Moved from Manhattan board]

Hello...what are your favorite restaurants in Hoboken? on what street?

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  1. La Isla and Zafra for Cuban.
    Maru and Sushi House for Sushi.
    T Thai and Sri Thai for Thai.
    Amanda's for a nice dining experience.
    Zach's for brunch or burgers.
    Legal Beans for coffee/lunch.
    Ganache for dessert.

    You can look the addresses and reviews for all these (and more) at

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    1. re: robin76

      thanx robin.. i assume you live/lived there....awesome! im going out there tomorrow or monday. :)

      1. re: Zion

        Yup- recently moved away after 5 years in Hoboken. If you're going out w/friends Zafra is a lot of fun- it is BYOB so you can bring your own wine and they make great sangria. Madison Bar and Grill (forgot to mention that one) is also a good one for dinner (dining room + separate bar area). Enjoy!