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Aug 21, 2007 06:51 AM

Williamsburg EATS!

I need help from my fellow Chowhounds.....When it comes to Brooklyn, is Williamsburg a good lunch/dinner destinations for Manhattan peeps like myself? What restaurants a re cool there, like Planet Thai etc...Would you recommend another BK hood with good restaurants? Please name a few if so...Thanks guys. ($40-70 for 2 people)

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  1. DuMont. Sweetwater. Diner. Dressler.

    1. Williamsburg has some great restaurants - definitely a destination. I second saltysnack's recommendations - perfect.

      1. I'm an out-of-towner but my daughter has dragged me around to some good places including Sweetwater, which I can second (or third), Moto, Egg (brunch only). I liked M Shanghai Den as well, with better and more authentic Shanghainese food than one would have guessed.

        One resto does not a neighborhood make, but Queens Hideaway in Greenpoint is good, and my Urban Planner instincts are trying to tell me that Greenpoint might be the next hot nabe.

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          I agree with the recommendations above, but wouldn't come from Manhattan to go to Diner - especially if you want to eat inside as it's a bit smelly. The back room at Marlow & Sons is a better bet (next door to Diner). You mentioned Thai and cool...SEA is worth a try if you're willing to wait, food is not quite as good as Planet Thai but it's a cool space if you don't mind techno music.

          I think Cobble Hill / Carrol Gardens has better restaurants than Williamsburg (I now live in Williamsburg after living in Cobble Hill). In your price range I would recommend Frankies 457, Joya (Thai), Savoila (has great pizza) and Bar Tabac (has a great burger), . If you could raise your budget a bit then I would recommend Chestnut, Jolie and Downtown Atlantic...and if you want to splurge, Grocery and Saul. If you want to do cheap, then Zaytoons (Middle Eastern - BYOB).

          1. re: nitsujwolrah

            i have to disagree with the SEA rec. the food is pretty bad, and the scene is really annoying - lots of sex and the city types ( and their attendant double-parked suvs) out to see this trendy williamsburg place that they keep hearing about.

            1. re: wleatherette

              agreed, i only go there now to take out of towners

          2. re: Gary Soup

            Baci and Abbracci has some delicious and wonderful pizzas, and Marlow and Sons is so consistently good.

            And about Greenpoint...I wish I could say that the neighborhood is rapidly catching up with W'burg in making a splash, but like all the development in G'point, it moves much more slowly compared to the 'burg. Come to think of it -- I definitely prefer that!

          3. - Fada is a lovely french bistro with WONDERFUL steak tar tar and escargot.
            - Silent H on north 8th and Berry is wonderful vietenamese food with a byob!
            - Black Betty on Metropolitan and Union has just wonderful medeteranian and great drinks...their salads are cheap and out of this world (Esp the steak salad). Its a good dark place - great for dates
            - Moto on Broadway and Hooper (there's no sign on the door, only a bicycle) is great french peasant food with live music on weekends. They are often really busy and its hard to get a table at peak times though.
            - M Shanghai is really interesting chinese (tea infused asparagus!)
            - Aqua Santa is nice italian with good service and a nice backyard.

            1. Second many of the recs given here (especially Marlowe and Sons). Would add Bozu for inventive sushi.