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Aug 21, 2007 06:26 AM

Help! How to fix metallic taste in tomato sauce?

So I'm overrun with tomatoes from my garden (I know, a nice problem to have). Last night despite not really feeling up to it, I started a simple tomato sauce- peeled, cored, seeded roma tomatoes, fresh basil, roasted garlic. Well, without thinking I made it in a cast iron pot, and now the whole batch tastes like metal. :(

I tried adding some red wine, and I added a little agave (sweetener). Nothing seems to help.

Suggestions? Or is this batch just doomed?

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  1. Kill the batch. Nothing gets rid of the taste of leached iron.

    1. It sounds like you already added a whole mess of stuff so the flavors might be off already, but sometimes a little baking soda and a little bit of sugar help. I think it might not be able to be saved though! I'm sorry!!
      If you are going to make sauce again from canned you should check out the marinara recipe on Americas Test Kitchen.
      It comes out great every time!

      1. I'm going to go with "doomed" on this one, but as an experiment, what about popping in a peeled potato first, to see if it will absorb anything. Worst case, you still end up tossing the lot.

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        1. re: Olivia

          The potato thing is a myth, unfortunately. It just soaks up liquid -- like a sponge. It doesn't selectively attract salt or heat or off flavors. You would get a similar result by just dipping a measuring cup in and removing some of the sauce.

          I'd toss it. No more cast iron skillet (or any reactive metal) tomato sauce.

          1. re: C. Hamster

            dang. yeah, I was thinking it was probably screwed. I normally don't use my dutch oven for tomato sauce...I was just tired and wasn't thinking. I switched it to an all-clad as soon as I realized, but too late. It's like sucking on a penny.

            oh well. I hate wasting those nice tomatoes, but my garden will probably spit out another 5 pounds in a few days.

            thanks all.