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Aug 21, 2007 06:08 AM

Philippe Miami@ Gansevoort Hotel

Has anyone been to Philippe in NYC? Looks like he was the chef at Mr. Chow before opening Philippe.

- CHINESE-food fanatics will have a new eatery in Las Vegas in 2009 when Philippe Las Vegas opens in the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino. It's the third in the chain for Stratis Morfogen, who opened the first Philippe on East 60th Street. He opens Philippe Miami at the Gansevoort Hotel in South Beach in December with such athletic partners as Jerome "The Bus" Bettis and Chauncey Billups and Antonio McDyess of the Detroit Pistons.

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  1. Menu looks boring and pricey. Query - has there ever been a good restaurant that had "athletic partners"?

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    1. re: Frodnesor

      No additional opening info but there is a rendering of the restaurant here

      STK a popular place in the meatpacking district is also opening at Gansevoort in January.

      1. re: Sobe

        When do we officially get the 6th borough designation?

        1. re: lax2mia

          When we get a decent deli down here.

          1. re: tpigeon



            400 seats.

            Philippe Chow exec chef.

            Chef Wai Ming Cheng "Noodle Master" (there's an open kitchen noodle theater Fro's kids are gonna love!)

            Gentlemen, Start Your Engines...


            1. re: advisor_Girl

              Anyone been yet? I've got reservations for this Friday, looking forward to trying it... I hope STK turns out to be better then the one in NYC, the few times I went there it was highly disappointing.

              1. re: Sobe4u

                Phillippe is a monster disappointment. They were out of 30% of their 'specialty drinks', were also out of tonic (aren't their convenience stores in SoBe?), brought the meals at different times, and brought the second meal out cold. Also received attitude when I asked that the Peking Chicken (their alleged specialty) be served warm when I realized the chicken was room temperature. First negative review I have ever written for a restaurant...

    2. Menu looks huge and very pricey but this IS South Beach after all, you know, where you get taxed as soon as you cross over the causeway.

      I found it hilarious that they felt the need to put "does not contain endangered shark" under their Shark Fin Soup. I guess it only has the more popular sharks and Im more partial to small batch sharks haha. Also equally hilarious is the "House Me Mignon". I bet I would house that thing.

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      1. re: Blind Mind

        I hope you will report back to us Sobe4u... I am anxious to read your review. We ate at Philppe in NYC last weekend and found the food to fairly ordinary and overly expensive. Perhaps the FL location will be different...

        1. re: Debbie

          It would be quite a feat if a satellite location turned out to be better than the original. I took a look recently and it doesn't seem Philippe gets much love on the NY board.

          1. re: Debbie

            Debbie, I have a feeling that the SoBe version will also be "fairly ordinary and overly expensive." That being said, I'm almost certain that Philippe, STK and the Ganesvoort will be very successful next season. I'm holding out for Tao.

            1. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

              I hear they are looking for a new sushi chef ; )

              1. re: jmdhsmiami

                Several of my friends have eaten there and all rave about the food. I stepped in a few days ago and was revolted by the crush of bodies at the bar and the number of men whose shirts were unbuttoned to their navels. I think I had a Night at the Roxbury meets moo goo gai pan meets Studio 54 moment...

        2. What a great addition to SoBe! still a little inconsistent in the kitchen...our main course came out at same time as appetizers...but food was delicious, restaurant is beautiful. Our waiter, Richard, was a pleasure.
          Make sure you check out the upstairs area and private "wine room"...
          Peking duck, calamari were hits.

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          1. re: ellebo

            Four of us tried Philippe about two weeks ago...was a terrible experience. "Scallion pancakes" were some odd concotion, but certainly not scallion pancakes. Green prawns were bland, except when bursts of unpleasantly fishy taste popped up. Crispy orange beef was cloyingly sweet - and was mostly batter with little beef in evidence. Certainly doesn't even come close to the NYC establishment and was so unpleasant wouldn't return.

            1. re: sethny

              We have reservations for next week and are looking for the don't miss apps and mains.....Thanks

          2. I have reservations for later this week. Does anyone have any recommendations of what to try?

            1. Just went this weekend (3/28/09) and had a good time. Order the chicken Satay skewers-they're heavenly!!! We also ordered the Beijing Chicken-really good, the SeaBass-Good, and the Crab and Pork dumplings-my friend is an expert on them said they were ok/not worth having again. Liked our table and service. Sercan O. (our waiter) rocks!

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              1. re: saltnseltzer4me

                I'd rather eat at PF Chang than Philippe any day. The food at Philippe when I was last there was bland, to say the least. Those overrated pink chicken satay skewers had absolutely no taste. breaded blandness. I don't even remember what else I had because it was so unmemorable and tasteless, not to mention exorbitantly priced! PF Chang is much tastier and affordable, and yes, I've been to the Philippe in NYC and the unrelated, soon to open in Miami, Mr. Chow--both which have proven far superior to Miami Philippe thus far.

                1. re: HabaneroJane

                  True. It was more the atmosphere that was fun than the food. :)