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Aug 21, 2007 01:16 AM

Dish suggestions for Hollywood Bowl picnic?

I need to bring a dish to the Hollywood Bowl. What do I bring? Here’s the criteria:

-Must require no refrigeration, as I won’t be going from home and I won’t have time to stop before I get to the Bowl.
-Must be easy to handle/easy to pass down the row.
-Must be individual servings, as there is a germaphobe in the group.
-No restrictions on type of cuisine
-We’re all big eaters.
-Something savory. Dessert is already taken care of.
-Something that would go with meatballs, pasta salad, vietnamese hand rolls, beer, lambic, and mojitos. (Dessert has yet to be revealed.)

I'll be bringing my newly gifted picnic basket, so transport will be fairly easy. What do you suggest???

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