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Chowhound Special - Best food at a Carwash?

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Just curious, but this has piqued my interest for quite a while. I've noticed a number of terriffic places at, or just adjacent to, LA carwashes. For example; The Outdoor Grill on Washington in Culver City and the French Dip at the carwash where Beverly Glen meets Ventura Blvd.

Does anyone out there have their special favorites; any place within a hundred feet of a carwash would qualify.

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  1. Within a few hundred feet of the carwash on 3rd Street is AOC. Does that count?

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    1. re: SauceSupreme

      No. A few hundred feet isn't in the spirit of the thing. But what is AOC?

      1. re: Jeryy

        You said any place within a few hundred feet of a carwash would qualify.

        AOC is a wine bar with a Mediterranean-inspired menu of small plates. Arguably one of the Top 5 restaurants in the city (for me, #3 behind Grace and Spago).

        The reason I asked if it qualified was because it clearly violated the spirit of having an informal meal. In that case, the 3rd Street carwash *does* have a taco truck next to it.

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          The upstairs BBQ place www.theoutdoorgrill.com on Washington Place just west of Centinela in Culver City certainly qualifies as it is on the grounds of the carwash and how about Benito's on the opposite side of the driveway to the carwash on Santa Monica at (is it?) Federal in West LA. Directly across the street from that same carwash is Juquila and Le Saigon for Oaxacan and Vietnamese food respectively.


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            Yes, Benito's qualifies as it is directly adjacent to the carwash. But le Saigon, as much as I love it, is across the street. It may be less than a hundred feet, but it's not quite in the spirit of my admittedly whimsical query.

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            Technically, he said "within a hundred feet" -- not within a FEW hundred feet -- which pretty much implies it's on the premises of the car wash, or adjascent to it.

            My contribution would be the Mexican joint at the carwash on Virgil/Beverly -- El Gallito. I actually did a review of it here on chowhound a few years back. Here's the link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/74345

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              Yeah that mexican joint is GOOOOD! I live around the corner and when I wash my car I always get a couple of soft tacos. Their carnitas is yummy!

      2. The taco trucks loitering nearby the carwashes. My personal favorite, the cemitas poblanas at the truck parked across the Venice/Clarington carwash, near Natalee Thai.

        1. First, the Baldwin Car Wash is located two blocks North of the 10 fry, at the intersection of Valley Blvd and Baldwin Ave. A very good car wash and, if you ask beforehand, they will park you car safely around the side until you return for it. After you walk across Baldwin Ave. and a little more than 100 feet (maybe a half block total to the East) are two good places for dumplings located in the same small strip mall – Ho Ho Kitchen and Dumpling 10053. Both places are talked about on this Board and well worth the short walk.

          Baldwin Car Wash Company
          (626) 575-1414
          9955 Valley Blvd
          El Monte, CA 91731

          Ho Ho Kitchen (Soup Dumplings, but they list them as steam dumplings I think?)
          10053 Valley Blvd,
          El Monte

          Dumpling 10053 (Shrimp Dumplings)
          10053 Valley Blvd., #2 (2 blocks east of Baldwin Ave.)
          El Monte, CA 91731
          (626) 350-0188

          1. There's a carwash in La Habra with a Cefiore in it. Beach and La Mirada Blvd, I believe.

            1. The Dip is no longer at a carwash. The Dip remains, but the carwash appears to have closed. I think it's now a flower shop.

              As for others, El Taco Llama at Magnolia, just east of Cahuenga is a stand at the corner of a carwash. Great tacos de asada and pastor, with a kick-ass smoky salsa roja.

              Tacos La Fonda gets an honorary mention. It's a taco truck that parks at a carwash, but only after the carwash closes.

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                I guess the free coffee at my carwash would not count huh.. Actually they have really good free donuts on Saturday mornings as well. Playa Vista Car Wash. Its been a while since I been there just started going to one closer to my home rather than work..

              2. There's a fully stocked "tacos plus" booth at the Palms Carwash in West Hollywood, Corner of Santa Monica and Palms. Friends of mine walk down there for dinner even when they're not washing their cars.

                1. Okay, though it's far from the amazing sushi we're all used to, Lucas Sushi at the Expert Carwash on La Brea is pretty amazing for car wash food. Good rolls, decent fish and also good tempura. Silly, but I love going there. It's now part of my car wash routine. And, yeah, it's RIGHT there. In the same parking lot.

                  Lucas Sushi and Teriyaki
                  900 S. La Brea Ave
                  Los Angeles, CA

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                    Thanks. Was that sushi spot previously Middle Eastern food? I remember it was good.

                    Is there a carwash behind El Pollo Inka in Hollywood?

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                      I've always wondered about that place. That's where I wash my car and I was gun shy to try it. Now maybe I'll give it a lunch whirl.

                    2. Machos Tacos at Vermont Handwash in Los Feliz. I've never eaten there, but you could be enjoying your tacos while your car drove by you, mere feet away, out of the car wash tunnel. I get my car washed here all the time-- anyone know if the taco place is actually any good?

                      1. Chili L.A. in the Inglewood Car wash on La Brea north of Florence has pretty good chili.

                        1. Eduardo's next to the carwash on Westwood just south of Santa Monica Blvd. About the only taqueria I've found in LA where chicken isn't an afterthought. Love that spicy chicken border burrito...

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                            I love Eduardo's charbroiled chicken tossed with some salsa... that's all I get here.

                            Does Astro's next to the self wash on Santa Monica Blvd in WeHo count?

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                              This won't help, but there was (is?) a car wash on Pico east of Sawtelle that used to have a little mexican place inside. Best soft tacos I've ever had. The mexican place closed about 12 years ago, sadly.

                            2. THere is a place on N. Lake in Pasadena, just North of new York Dr on the East side of the street that does detailing. On Saturdays in the parking lot is an old guy who smokes and sells BBQ. I stopped there last weekend to see what was up, and had some melt in your mouth tri-tip and ribs, green beans and collard greens. He packed enough food for 3 people! I will go back for that tri-tip. You gotta go early if you want it medium rare. He stays until he sells out.