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lau lau with butterfish

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where can i get pork lau lau with BUTTERFISH in,,,,,


thanks ...\mn/

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  1. Ono Hawaiian Foods, 726 Kapahulu Avenue, Honolulu.

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    1. re: Debbie M

      deb,,,are you sure about butterfish at ono. i went there last year....i was impressed by the sheer amount of pork and size of the lau lau, BUT,,,,i also recall it as being very dry, and thus i don't recall anything other than the pork. i may be mistaken as it was a while back and just that once.

      1. re: mikom

        I had the opposite experience.. A lot of times lau lau can be dry, but, at least when I went this past June, I was impressed by how moist theirs was (as well as by the sheer amount of pork and it's size!). And butterfish was present.

    2. Halai's in the fishmarket at Ward center

      1. Marukai (you'll need a membership).

        1. Doesn't Costco Iwilei sell them in bulk?

          Personally, I prefer Helena's on North School Street.

          1. Do the places mentioned have a large piece of butterfish in them? The ones that I have had over the last couple of years that claim to have butterfish in them are only the size of a small Band Aid and almost not worth putting in.

            1. you might try Yama's in Moililili

              1. You have to have some sort of fatty fish in lau lau being it be butterfish or salmon. I use salmon belly if I can find it or even salmon bones since cooking it a long time reduces the bones to soft calcium. Traditional lau lau consists of taro leaves (but I substitute canned spinach since taro or luau leaves are difficult to find), pork butt chunks, liquid smoke (since the traditional imu is stoked with keawe wood), and salt. I add beef chunks also to give it a meaty taste but that's me. Pressure cook it for 1 hour and you have mainland style lau lau.