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Aug 20, 2007 08:12 PM

Mexico City - Two Dinner Tour

Going to Mexico City with a good friend of mine. Staying in Polanco at the W but totally willing to cab it for a must-have. We have two nights and an afternoon for a good lunch.

Looking for a good fine dining recommendation for dinner as well as some fun cant-miss spots for a more casual dinner / lunch. I love tequilla, so a place with a good selection would be nice.

I think I've been to Izote before - I was in Mexico City roughly three years with another friend and I took him there. Liked it but wouldn't go back.

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  1. Aguila y Sol

    Had breakfast at El Bajio in Polanco last month and enjoyed it quite a bit.
    Friends ate comida at Contramar recently and really liked it.

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      I had two great lunches, one at Contramar (seafood) and the other was Los Almendros (Basque). For fine dining, we had an outstanding dinner at Tezca,

      1. re: SandyM

        Los Almendros is Yucatecan not Basque.... could it have been another name?,4...

    2. Fancy: Aguila y Sol for dinner

      Casual: El Bajio (Polanco only) for dinner

      Contramar or El Bajio for lunch (Polanco or original location)

      Grab a tequila at La Valentina, afterwards - it's got lots of Mexican flavor, even if the food isn't the most rockin'