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Aug 20, 2007 08:02 PM

Reasonable breakfast in midtown

I've got my parents coming down to visit in a couple of weeks and they're staying their first night in a midtown hotel. I'm looking for some recommendations for breakfast spots before we head over to MOMA. I'm looking for something along the way (or not too far from it). I believe the hotel is on 49th and 7th. I know how touristy and over priced this part of town can be, so and suggestions for resonably priced cafes or diners would be great.


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  1. burger heaven - multiple locations in the area - serves breakfast all day

    1. I went to La Bonne Soupe for brunch once and found it rather pleasant. They may have a breakfast menu during the weekdays.

      1. I believe its a little bit towards the UWS but check out Good Enough to Eat...its a great little restaurant that serves real traditional style omelettes and alot of fun breakfast choices. I had an applewood bacon and granny smith apple omelette.

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          By a little, you mean in the West 80s! That's pretty far to go.

          Good Enough to Eat
          483 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024

          1. re: kathryn

            My apologies, but in my opinion its a neighboorhood gem and is worth the walk! Anything in midtown will either be overpriced for what you're getting or not worth the hassle.

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              i've heard good things about good enough to eat, but it really is out of our way. This will be a Saturday morning, so I can imagine the wait would be rather long.

        2. does anybody have an opinion on the breakfast at prime burger? I know its known for its burgers, but it is a diner, with a good reputation for their pies...any thoughts? thanks!