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La Cieniga and Olympic - Local Eats

I just got a place near La Cieniga and Olympic, and am interested in finding some new local restaurants.

I have lived in LA most of my life, and know there are tons of great restaurants within driving distance, but I'm more curious about the ones in my immediate neighborhood. I'm not looking for the cream of Los Angeles - just some satisfying local spots.

I know about Nicks for breakfast, and Versailles, and Naraya on Robertson... but that's about it.

Enlighten me!

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    1. re: aquascuba

      Try Cafe Carrera on La Cienega just South of Wilshire. Fabulous. Try the pizza.

    2. Tokyo Table is up the street. Reasonable ;prices for eclectic asian food.

      1. I office in the area. RJ's barbecue is a bit south of you, on La Cienega, and the best in the area. Cafe Rome on Robertson is great. Of course, there is Gelato on Robertson..

        1. Hoagies & Wings is just below you. The wings are good, the hoagies just so-so, and they deliver.

          1. i'd walk over to fairfax and feast myself silly on ethiopian food.
            my two favorites are:
            rahel (vegetarian only, they serve an ayce lunch on weekdays),
            meals by genet (closed on mon. and tues. and only open for dinners).

            1. Vito's for pizza. There are numerous posts for this great NY/NJ style pizza. It's on La Cienega just north of Melrose. He used to give a free cheese slice if you are new. My favorite is the White Pie, the best blend of cheeses ever on a pizza. GF loves the vegetarian.

              Also great is the eggplant parmigiana sandwich and the canolis. I believe they will deliver to where you are. And they have parking.

              1. il buco on robertson and wilshire has pretty good, homey italian

                1. As a local resident myself (I'm down at Pico and La Cienega, I can recommend a few spots:

                  Thai House on Pico (between La Cienega and Robertson) is excellent, in my opinion. The green beans in a red curry sauce are very good indeed, as is the red curry with chicken.

                  As mentioned earlier, the Ethiopian on Fairfax is great as well, though my personal favorite is Meals by Genet. Get thee to their doro wat ASAP!

                  Also on Pico, but closer to Robertson is Haifa -- it's Kosher Mediterranean food. I love this place, personally, and you can't go wrong with anything they serve in a pita. But watch out for the portions -- they're massive.

                  In keeping with the Mediterranean theme, there's also the Pistachio Grill, tucked away on Wilshire about a block west of La Cienega on the south side of the street. Great things on skewers. it's been a while since I have been there, so others might be able to weigh in on the quality, but I remember liking it quite a lot.

                  By the way, I loathe Hoagies and Wings. Sorry guys! But the stuff I got there was so salty that it was literally inedible, and I LOVE salt, don't get me wrong. I went back and told them "light salt, PLEASE!" and still it came back tasting like a salt lick. Really outstandingly gross.

                  Hope this helps!

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                    I agree. Hoagies and Wings is disgusting.

                  2. I love the Lodge for steak. I usually sit at the bar or at a bar table, watch the weird people go by and have a nosh.