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Aug 20, 2007 07:39 PM

True Steak Lovers

Need an honest viewpoint....Ruth's Chris, Donovans or Capital Grille for best steak, martinis, service and price.......HELP!!! Can't make up my mind.

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  1. Flemings. Great steaks and the best onion rings ever.

    1. none of the above - durants for sure.

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      1. re: winedubar

        I am a Sucker for the Stoli Doli's @ Capital Grill and Steaks @ Mastro's

        Mastro's Steak House
        8852 E. Pinnacle Peak Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

        Capital Grille
        2502 East Camelback Suite 199, Phoenix, AZ 85016

        Capital Grille
        16489 North Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85254

      2. I'd rank Durant's, Flemings, Capital Grille and finally Ruth's. I have not done Donovan's, but did like the old Harris'. I have had poor reviews from foodie/winos, re: Donovan's, but have not been.


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          One of the guys I work with loves the Donovan's in San Diego, but he said the one here wasn't quite as good.

        2. Haven't been to Donovan's, but among the others ... Ruth's has the best steak over Capital Grille, and the service and price are comparable -- can't vouch for martinis, don't drink them ... Lotta love around here for Durant's, and it's a great restaurant and a little cheaper than your other choices (used to be MUCH cheaper, a real deal!), but ... the truth is ... the steaks, while very good, just are not in the same league when one pushes sentimentality aside. As for martinis, they had the reputation of making the best real martini in town (I think the esteemed bartender may have, er, died -- chounds, help out here!) ... I'm not a martini guy but I ordered one several years ago and after tasting it my perception was confirmed -- just a glass of gin with ice and olive, no vermouth at all. Some folks say that's a martini, but I thought the barkeep was supposed to at least wave the vermouth cork over the glass or whisper "vermouth" near the rim before serving. Is gin on the rocks a martini? Then again, if you think a martini is any kind of mixed drink tossed into a conical glass, head over to Mastro's or Drinkwater's City Hall or one of the other trendoid steakeries ... can't vouch for the steaks, though ... As for Fleming's, they have a decent wine list and slightly lower prices than your trio, but their steaks are a cut or two below. I'd say the steaks are comparable to Durant's for the quality of the beef while giving Durant's the edge for sentimental reasons. It's a nice place.

          The service in all these establishments is very good, but frankly I only pursue the high-end steakhouse experience 1-2 times a year at the most so my impressions may not be completely current or reliable other than to say none of the experiences at these joints has been bad ... my one visit to the Capital Grille (Biltmore) was the least memorable of the bunch. BTW, throw Morton's in, Scottsdale or the Esplanade, and I still give the edge to Ruth's, and I favor the 22nd/Camelback location over the Scottsdale store, although both are reliable and excellent.

          I look forward to sampling Donovan's and the Grill at the TPC in the months ahead ...

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            when was the last time you were at durants? im there alot.mostly the bar tho, but i'd say once at least every 6 weeks, and i've always had vermouth in my martini. and i get the requisite 'look' when i ask for a vodka martini. the purists there think the only real martini is a gin martini.

            sentimentality aside, i've never been wowed by ruth's chris, and capital grille was good. not great. altho the service was really good. i'd still say go to durants ;)

            im with you on flemings. i don't get the fascination with it...

            1. re: winedubar

              My martini at Durant's was about 7-8 years ago. As I mentioned, I believe the bartender who ruled the roost for most of the years of its existence, and who made the gin-no-vermouth martinis, is either no longer alive or has surrendered to customer preferences. When I ordered mine, I mentioned to the waitress I'd heard that Durant's served the best authentic martini around, and she agreed before returning with the drink I described above. I've been back to Durant's several times since then but limited my drinks to wine and water.

          2. I can not speak to the martini...but if you are looking for a TRUE PRIME graded steak then I would recommend one of the Maestro spots and their service is great though I am not in love with their side dishes