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Aug 20, 2007 07:30 PM

Downhill Alert--Clem and Ursie's P-town

We went to dinner tonight at Clem and Ursie's. It used to be one of my favorite places, but after this trip and my last one before this, I'm NEVER going back. The place has become ridiculous. I had grilled swordfish, which was fine, but nothing special, for $18. My SO had a lobster roll, which had way to much mayo, but was otherwise good, at $15. But the prices have gotten quite high, and place is very hectic, noisy, and dirty, with flies everywhere and a generally not-very-clean feel to the place. My sense is, it's gotten too big for its briches.

As a comparison, on Sun. night we went to the Friendly Fisherman, which was great, as usual, excellent lobster roll ($15.50), giant clam plate (too much for one person for $16), and the best fried fish on the Cape (IMHO). It's too bad the fries aren't better there, but it's really a hidden gem.

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  1. Just back from vacation and have to echo this... besides the decline in quality, they've completely destroyed their service model. Previously, you would order at the counter and receive a number on a stand, when you order was up the server would match the food to your number and bring it to you. For some reason, the service is traditional now and for the worse. We were seated near the front door and could hear the people being seated being told "it'll be 45 minutes" by one person and then "10 minutes" from the next.

    It took almost 40 minutes for a server to come and take our order and then another 30 for our food to arrive. Need condiments like cocktail or tartar sauce? No more condiment bar, you have to flag down a server (good luck) and then wait. It looked like the guy who used to be so cool and relaxed behind the bar was doing the job of 4 people, one server was doing the best he could and the rest (eastern europeans shipped in for the summer) were walking back and forth in a total daze - walk to the front carrying a menu, walk to the kitchen carrying a notepad, walk to the table carrying a fork, etc.

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      This must be the result of the problem they were having getting work visas for their summer staff.

      Thanks for the warning. We're heading down for vacation soon and wouldn't want this kind of a surprise.

    2. Interesting... just back from Truro and when we asked the lady from who we rent our cottage for restaurant recs, she told us to stay clear of Clem & Ursie's. I think they've gotten too big for their own good. Anyways, lots of other good places between Wellfleet and P-town for seafood and lots else!

      1. Wish I'd seen this earlier. Went there last night and it was lame. Hard to imagine it, but running out of reliable reasonable non-foo-foo seafood on outer Cape.

        1. i have to agree. it used to be a family favorite, fun for the kids, interesting and varied fare for the adults, etc. we have stopped going. too bad because for a while it was great how they did so many different things (sushi, bbq, fried seafood) well. we have shifted our allegiance to moby dick's.

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          1. re: burny carbo

            Without question Clem and Ursies has deteriorated. Food and service not the sam - have me wondering if it is under new management. Try PJ's in Wellfleet.

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              Um, Clem and Ursies closed at the end of last season. The space is now owned and operated by Townsend Seafood.

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                Clem and Ursy's has been closed and out of business since last October. Someone local , Townsend’s Fish Market, has moved his establishment into that spot from it's past Fisherman's Wharf locale. They'll operate it as a market and full service seafood restaurant.