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Aug 20, 2007 07:25 PM

Is Nobu Next Door worth it ?

Is it worth the wait ? Worth the price ?
Should I try the real Nobu ?
Any other suggestions for state of the art Japanese (for someone who's from out of town) ?

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  1. In general, not really. A restaurant like that is never REALLY worth it in terms of food, but at least in the beginning it's worth in terms of people watching, novelty, etc. That novelty has long wore off.

    1. It's definitely overhyped and somewhat past its prime, but still a reasonably delicious but not mindblowing meal. I think the real Nobu tends to be a notch better in execution of the food, although the overall menus are the same. I havent been to Nobu 57 which seems to get more 'buzz' of late. For more up to date Japanese, it depends if you want to go trendy or traditional. If you want real sushi, Sushi Yasuda or Sushi of Gari or the like are better. Masa is very pricey but considered excellent. I havent been there or to the restauranteur type palaces like Ono or Megu or Morimoto (which are probably overpriced and overhyped as well.)

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        Thanks for the response.
        And what do you guys think of Momofuku Noodle or Ssämbar ?
        I am from Montréal and I am looking for places where the food will be really good and where I will be surprised and where I will come out of the place at the end of the meal and say "only in NY". I have made a reservation at Del Posto because I want to go at least one to a Batali restaurant, I've also made a reservation at WD50. Now I have to take car of two lunches.
        What do you think of all that ?

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          Momofuku Ssam is very good. I haven't been to Noodle Bar.

          1. re: mcLo

            For an "only in NY lunch/brunch" try Barney Greengrass, Katz's, Momofuku (I like it a lot more for lunch. I go for ramen and pork buns only), Shake Shack (if it's a nice day). For an upscale lunch try L'Impero (pastas and polenta are fab) and Jean Georges (everything's great and they have a lovey prefixe)

            Other places I like for lunch are Bouchon Bakery, Norma's (everyone's gotta do it once) and Alices Tea Cup.

            1. re: jenniebnyc

              AND for sushi I really like Sushi Seki. Their chef's special platter is an experience. Although, the vibe is nothing like Nobu of which I like 57 the best for a "night out".

              1. re: jenniebnyc

                I've heard a lot of hating on Momofuku Noodle Bar lately, but I must say I really loved it (ramen and pork buns as well). Haven't been to Ssam, but I'm definitely planning on it.

              2. re: mcLo

                Hi mcLo,

                I think Del Posto and WD50 are great choices. For Momofuku, I definitely love the Ssam Bar more, but only the dinner menu. The lunch menu at the Ssam Bar is a lot smaller and do not represent the best dishes that they offer (the best being the offal, the vegetebles, and the pork dishes, ironically NOT the ssam). I actually think that it may be better to do lunch at Del Posto, and then Momofuku Ssam Bar for dinner.

                However, if you want to keep Del Posto for dinner, then i will pick Momofuku Noodle bar for lunch over Ssam Bar.

                Katz's is indeed a "only in NY" type of experience.