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Breakfast Sandwich- Rittenhouse area

Any recommendations for a good place (or food truck) to get a breakfast sandwich around Rittenhouse? Anything from basic bread, egg, cheese and meat to something more creative...
Thank you!

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  1. Try Anna's a vendor cart located on the SW corner of 18th and Chestnut St. Always good fresh food.

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      I love the breakfast sandwiches at Four Seasons buffet/sandwich shop on Chestnut between 16th and 17th - very cheesy, and they are not skimpy with the egg or meat either!

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        I second Anna's cart. My doorman tipped me off to Anna's cart and I have been a loyal customer since. Great ham, egg, and cheese at a great price. Very friendly.

    2. Rachel's Nosheri on 19th and Sansom. Very good egg sandwiches, nice people and quick service!!

      1. Just avoid the egg sandwiches at Cosi. Gross, rubbery pre-cooked egg product.

        1. Also just remembered the name of a diner called Little Pete's. It's on 17th St.


          1. I've also heard people who swear by the breakfast sandwiches at Ants Pants at 22nd & South. Not quite Rittenhouse, but close.

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              ants pants has the best bagels in town...not sure where they get them from. and yes, their breakfast sandwiches are great!

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                fantastic BEC's (bacon egg cheese)...hard roll, fried egg and sharp cheddar

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                  while not in Rittenhouse area, the best breakfast sandwich I've found is at DiBruno's Pronto on 9th street...egg, pancetta, provolone and garlicky greens on a seeded roll...its amazing

            2. Ants Pants is fantastic, cheap, and has some of the best breakfast sandwiches in town. Couldn't recommend it more highly.

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                i love ants pants for brunch-will have to try their sandwiches.
                i tried anna's today and had a simple, tasty egg and cheese sandwich. and the roll was as fresh as you can get- it was delivered to anna while i was ordering!

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                  As an aside, Anna's rolls come from Sarcones and when they are fresh, they cant be beat. For lunch try her tuna hoagie on a Scarcones roll. Cant beat the freshness.

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                    Just tried ants pants cafe this morning ... Awesome ham,egg, and cheese.