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Aug 20, 2007 07:08 PM

Commercial Hummus and Hummus Ideas

I've never eaten commercial Hummus, nor have I made it myself. My favorite Hummus is from Jerusalem Steakhouse on Avenue J. I have sometimes take a container home from there.
Lately, I've been thinking of eating more Hummus, as I think that it must be a healthy source of protein. Can you please tell me which commercial brands and varieties are tastiest. I've seen Sabra and Tuv Ta'am brands in the stores.
Also, I'm looking for suggestions on how to include it in my diet, i.e. served with what type of sandwiches, or served as a dip with what types of accompaniments?

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  1. Cholon on Kings Highway - or Avenue U makes their own and I'd rather buy that than the Sabra brands

    1. I think Sabra is the best mass-market brand.

      1. Yes, Sabra is probably the best commercial brand out there. It's also fairly easy to make your own hummus, especially if you have a hand blender with an attachment like the one on the left "" That way you can always have your hummus just the way you like it.

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          I was most attracted to this brand due to its presentation. Now, other brands present their product in a similar swirl type manner in a wider container.

          I tried Sabra's for the first time last week and found it much denser and richer than some of the other brands (not as airy as the others). One container lasted much longer than the others.

          I was surprised that the oil used was soybean and/or canola oil, instead of olive oil. I didn't detect much oil in the hummus and was able to drizzle some extra virgin olive oil.

          The flavor I bought was a garlic hummus. It was on sale. Although this product is priced higher than most other brands, the quality reflects its higher price.

          That mixture of pine nuts/red pepper? in the middle of the swirl creates a very appealing look to the product.

          I try to select hummus that is made with a healthier oil (olive oil if possible) and made without the addition of sugar. Some brands add strange ingredients that have nothing to do with contributing to the healthiness of this dish.

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            I agree with Jeterfan regarding Sabra. IMO, Abraham's brand is generally better than Sabra. As a matter of fact, Abraham's now has a sundried tomato variety that is really good.

        2. Comparable to Sabra but I think a tad better, is the Pikante brand imported from Israel. Available in many kosher markets and some large supermarkets with Israeli products.

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            Sababa bakery on Kings Highway in Brooklyn has excellent "homemade" hummus. In my opinion, both Trader Joe's and Abraham's (available in Fairway) are better than other mass produced brands in the US.

          2. Sabra is the best of the commercial brands I've tried. The hummus that Costco carries is also excellent; don't remember what brand it is, though.

            I found Trader Joe's hummus to be hugely disappointing. Also, avoid any commercial hummus that's called "hummus dip" as the consistency is a bit more liquidy than hummus ever should be.