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Aug 20, 2007 06:46 PM

NY Slices in HP!

As a devout Chicago pizza lover with a keen appreciation for a pie from NYC, must say NY Slices in Highland Park is an EXCELLENT proxy for a NYC slice, complete with garlic knots and the paper plate. Does anyone concur?

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  1. Never been, but since moving from NYC 7 years ago, I have been looking for some real pizza. Where is the place, I'll drive out this weekend!

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    1. re: jbontario

      The owner is from NYC. A bold move to open a pie joint in deep dish country, but great slices nevertheless!

      NY Slices
      1843 2nd St
      Highland Park, IL 60035
      (847) 432-6979

      1. re: jbontario

        On a similar note, another recent addition to the Chicago Pizza scene is Coal Fire Pizza on Grand. Coal Fired Pizzas being a style associated with NYC, it may also appeal to you.

        More here...

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