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Aug 20, 2007 06:42 PM

Bagels in Kansas City

So, what's a good place to get good bagels in KC? I haven't lived here too terribly long, so the only places I know are Einstein Brothers and Panera, which are good for what they are, I guess, but more like pastries than bagels. I'm looking for JoCo specifically, but metro KC as well.

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  1. I would love to find good bagels here. Most bagels here are big, soft bread donuts, which are not what I am looking for. Not even New York Bakery or any of the Hen Houses have decent bagels.

    1. I love and highly recommend Jersey Shore Bagles on Johnson Drive. I have not been there in awhile b/c a) I've been watching my carbs and b) it is a bit outta the way for me. Gosh, I may have to throw low carbing it out the window for at least one breakfast this week.

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        I was so happy to find this recommendation. I have been searching for a decent bagel for the last 5 yrs here. I do have to say that in the freezer section of Price Chopper are Bagels Forever and they're pretty decent. We lived in NY for 5 years, so I do know my bagels!

      2. You want to try Jersey Shore Bagel at 6009A Johnson Dr. It's not the best bagel I've ever had -- that was a joint in Norfolk, VA -- but I think they're pretty tasty. And they are certainly the only real bagels I've had here in town. They are chewy, with a substantial crust, the kind that bubbles a little when you toast them. You need to get there in the morning, though, because they often sell out by mid-day.

        Jersey Shore Bagel
        6009 Johnson Dr, Mission, KS 66202

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        1. re: heatherkay

          Thanks for both of the Jersey Shore Bagel recommendations...I will definitely try them. Hopefully they live up to their name. :-)

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            Just to follow up, I have been going out there every week since I first tried it - definitely the best I've had in town. Thanks again.

            1. re: mcj2a

              Glad that you like them. I've been twice since I recommended them, they were a great way to kick off my B-day "Weekend O' Carbs".

          2. re: heatherkay

            I too have been hunting for real bagels, beyond Einstein Bros, Panera, and Price Chopper ... but live in the Northland, so JOCO is a bit out of the way. Anyone know of anything on the Missouri side, hopefully north of the river?