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Aug 20, 2007 06:27 PM

Little Rock, AR report

Just got back from a 3-day trip to Little Rock. Here's the report:

Thursday lunch -- Shaka's (sp??) BBQ in the River Market Hall. Had the combo plate: smoked turkey, pork, ham, beef, rotisserie chicken and a rib, plus 2 sides for about $8. Absurd quantity of food, and with the spicy bbq sauce, it was really quite good.

Thursday dinner -- Cajun's Wharf. Didn't realize I was eating at a swinging singles scene (well, the bar there, that is). But the food and service were suprisingly good. Had a 1/2 bottle of a New Zealand Sauvingon Blanc (great to see a nice 1/2 bottle on the menu), a very serviceable gumbo, spinach salad with mandarin oranges (a special item) and bourbon creamed corn (yum!). Skipped the main course since the heavy lunch was still with me, but there looked to be a lot of very nice choices (mainly seafood).

Friday lunch -- Doe's Eat Place. Got there at the tail end of what was obviously a busy lunch hour. Ordered the world-famous tamales. The very sweet waitress helped me figure out that you don't eat the paper wrapper!! The tamales were delicious. Served with a "soak salad" and chili. Not a huge portion, so I ordered pecan pie for desert which was fabulous!!

Friday dinner -- Brave New Restaurant. Totally strange and off-putting location on the 2nd floor of an office building. The atmosphere was like being in an office building. Food was good, but not overwhelming. I had "layered trout" -- layered with fresh veggies. Nice service. I'd give it another try for food, but the atmosphere was too strange. Perhaps if I could be seated on the balcony overlooking the river it would have been much nicer (but it was way too hot that night).

Saturday & Sunday breakfast. Waffle House. What can I say, I'm a WH junkie!!

Saturday snack -- Hunka Pie in the River Market main building. Yummy Orange Icebox Pie. Perfect flavor and consistency. Sufficient sugar buzz to get me through the Clinton Library on a hot & lazy day!

Saturday dinner -- Acadia. A real winner. In a lovely historic neighborhood, very relaxed place, with both indoor and outdoor seating. Great waiter, who really knew his stuff, but was very unobtrusive. Excellent spinache salad coated in tzatziki (sp?) with feta and kalamata olives. Main course was the fish special -- grilled Amberjack, served with fresh sauteed mushrooms and polenta. Perfectly seasoned and cooked. Very nice size portion for $21.50 -- I thought this was very reasonable, as was the entire menu. This place is a winner. I'd be a regular here if I lived in LR.

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  1. Randy, I can't figure out the whole Little Rock love for Brave New either. You deff found a gem in Acadia. Next time you should try Gypsy's and Imagine. You had your Brave New experience and it doesn't get any better.

    1. Acadia. Will have to try that if i'm ever back that way. Used to pass through once or twice a year. River Market sounds interesting too. Can't believe Cajun Wharf is still around and still a singles scene like it was way back in the 70s, LOL.

      Did you get to Central High? And other places on your list?

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      1. re: crewsweeper

        I did get to Central High and found it incredibly moving. Very much enjoyed the River Market area, State Capitol, Clinton Library and simply driving around some of the older neighborhoods. All in all, I had a quite a fun visit to LR, notwithstanding the outlandish heatwave.

      2. Oh, you so just made me want to go back to LR! Glad you liked Doe's and the river market. Those were two of my fav's.

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        1. re: creativeusername

          Very much enjoyed your report as my own visit to Little Rock is coming up in a month. I'll look at Acadia.

          (waffle house?)