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Aug 20, 2007 06:09 PM

Anything new worth trying near Hollywood and Highland?

I'll be on my annual pilgrimage to the land of movie memorabilia at the end of the month. I'm quite content with Roscoe's, Musso and Frank, Lucky Devil, Mashti Malone, Happy Cat, Skooby's, but is there anything new that I should consider within walking or easy transit distance?

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  1. There are two new frozen yogurt places in the neighborhood - CĂ©Fiore across from the Chinese Theater and Cantaloop at the corner of La Brea and Hollywood. They're the two best froyo places in the city, I think, but otherwise, nothing of note.

    Parc has opened in the old BlackSteel space, but it seems more of a bar/hangout space than a place for serious dining. If you're considering The Hungry Cat, perhaps Los Balcones del Peru a little south at DeLongpre and Vine would be a consideration. Magnolia and The Bowery are also right there at Sunset and Vine. (Charcoal has also opened recently in the ArcLight complex, but I have yet to read a nice thing about the place.) Uzbekistan is at Sunset and LaBrea, and Robert's Cuisine, which has been recommended here on the board for good Russian is on La Brea at Hawthorne - both short walks from Hollywood and Highland. Ammo isn't far down Highland from the complex, either.

    I had lunch at Miceli's last week after a long time away. As cheesy as it is, I do have a good time there.

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    1. re: Woolsey

      I wouldn't darken the doorstep of Parc, but in that immediate neighborhood I would try the burger bar at the Roosevelt, Geisha House and if you are thinking of going as far east as Magnolia, hit Hungry Cat instead.

      1. re: lotta_cox

        Parc is icky, but you like Giesha House? I can get mediocre sushi for less in the Valley.

        1. re: Diana

          Yeah, I'd recommend just going to the Kabuki at Sunset and Vine instead of Geisha House. It's about the same level of creativity, the fish is probably fresher, and one will pay a lot less. Plus, one is less likely to bump into office girls from Whittier stuffed into sequined jeans from Forever 21 discussing their sex lives in outdoor voices after one too many Hypnotiq-and-pineapple juice cocktails there...

          1. re: Diana

            i love the geisha house, but not because of the sushi. i actually have pretty specific leanings when it comes to sushi, and the geisha house does not fit the bill. they have some items on their non-sushi menu that are stellar, truly delicious.

        2. re: Woolsey

          Thanks for the tip on Los Balcones del Peru. I ate a quite good lunch there one day when I needed to go to BOA. I've added it to my once a year Hollywood rotation.

        3. 25 Degrees is roughly across the street from Hollywood and Highland. Also, if you're checking out Ammo on Highland, I'd also recommend Doughboys across the street.

          If you take the red line or the bus eastward, you can also hit up one of my favorite sushi spots, Sushi Ike on Gower and Hollywood. There's also a bus (217?) that runs across Hollywood Blvd and down the length of Fairfax which puts you through West Hollywood, the Farmer's Market/Beverly and Little Ethiopia. This obviously opens up worlds of possibility.

          I'd recommend others, but Woolsey already covered them.

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          1. re: SauceSupreme

            Ah, that's where Sushi Ike is? I feel a long lunch coming on!

            Oh, and there's Palms Thai at Hollywood and Bronson. Yeah, yeah, the room has zero charm, but that roast duck curry is amazing.

            1. re: Woolsey

              Sushi Ike is delish, but I don't remember Ike being open for lunch. I used to live 3 blocks away. *scratches head*

              1. re: lotta_cox

                I'm pretty sure I've had lunch there in the past myself, though my preferred time is an early dinner.

                1. re: lotta_cox

                  It's definitely open for lunch. I go there for lunch as often as I can...

            2. SCOOPS is just an 8 minute metro ride down to the Vermont station followed by a 3 minute bus ride up to Melrose. 712 N. Heliotrope

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              1. re: jackattack

                No need for a bus ride - just get off at the Vermont/Santa Monica station and take the short walk down to Vermont and Melrose, turn the corner, and walk to Melrose and Heliotrope, and you're there. It's maybe a ten minute walk from the Metro station to Scoops, max.

              2. Second the rec for Los Balcones de Peru, and I know not everyone on the board is a fan of Sushi Ike, but I've had several very good fresh rounds of sushi here.

                If you don't mind going south on Highland some, Pizzeria Mozza.

                Another new frozen yogurt place (that has tomato yogurt!!) is YogoTango at Highland and Fountain.

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                1. re: Emme

                  Red Pearl Kitchen is across the street from Mozza, too, although I don't think it's a board favorite. (I haven't been, so I can't speak from experience.)

                  The tomato yogurt at Yogotango is really good, by the way.

                  1. re: Woolsey

                    What do you get as a topping on the tomato yogurt (if any)?

                    1. re: chris1621

                      Any regular toppings work; my regular berries-mochi-granola combo worked quite well. After the delicious tomato chocolates I've gotten at L'Artisan du Chocolat, I'd say chocolate would be good, too. The ripe tomato flavor is very subtle and sweet, a reminder that tomatoes are actually a fruit. Yogotango's style, while tart in the current fashion, leans a little more toward the late '80s, sweeter style that is more like soft serve ice cream, more than any of the other froyo places I've visited. (The fact that they offer vanilla and chocolate, acknowledge it's LOW-fat instead of NON-fat, and will serve it up in waffle cones should be a tip-off to this.)

                      1. re: chris1621

                        granola or graham ccracker crumbs are nice. or, served over a waffle.

                        1. re: Emme

                          Great, thanks! I will have to try it soon - I live right around the corner from Yogotango.