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Aug 20, 2007 05:44 PM

Need range hood advice

We're planning a kitchen remodel and I'm baffled by the choices of range hoods out there. I've done some research and I know that I need about about 600 cfm in a size to cover a 30" gas range. It's a wall mount on an outside wall, but could be undercabinet if it can do the job.How high should it be from the cooktop surface?

I'm looking for something quiet, easy to clean, and hopefully under $1000. Can anyone offer suggestions or relate experiences, good and bad? Thanks.

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  1. I just installed a 30" Capital Range with a 25,000 BTU WOK, and also needed at least 600 CFM in exhaust. I did the research and ended up with a Vent a Hood Exhaust Hood. It is installed 23" above the Burners, which was driven by the Cupboard above the Hood. I understand that Range Hoods can be 18-26" above the Burners and work well. You also have to make sure that you are out far enough to cover a portion of the front burners. The big issue for me was having to install a new 8" Pipe to handle this much exhaust. I am very happy with the VAH, it is easy to clean and has 3 speeds on the motor, 2 of which I consider to be "quiet", the 3'rd speed is a little noisy, but at that level of CFM and Fan RPM, there is no way it is going to be quiet. I paid about $800 for it and would recommend it.

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      I always say go with the strongest ventilation you can stand. The noise is only an issue when you are cooking, not during dinner, but the smoke and cooking smells will linger for hours if you don't have good ventilation.

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        I think VAH's specs actually call for 30" above the range. Good capture and normal height folks are less likely to whack their heads on the hood that way. Our hood is 27" deep, and I think VAH doesn't charge anything extra for the extra depth.

        I also vote for something that works over something that's quiet. Unless it's just going to be there for looks.

      2. You can never go too big :)

        But seriously if you are going to install a normal 30" range with 4 burners that total less than 50K BTU you should have no problem with a standard Broan, GE, Maytag, or Kenmore hood. Probably something in the 250-400 CFM range will be well under $500 complete. Such a unit will do a good job of exhausting steam from pasta boiling, the grease from a normal pan full of bacon, or the smoke from an indivdual well seared steak in a skillet. Pretty much all of these will have the mesh type "grease trapping metal filter" that really do clean up OK in a dishwasher. After a few years of bimonthly cleaning they might need to replaced at a cost of about $20-30 each.

        Follow the manufacturer's recommendation as to mounting height -- they actually do design in an appropriate distance, too close and you risk heat damage to the hood, too far and you risk poor smoke/steam capture.

        The hood is much more critical when considering high output burners and oversize grills/griddles -- in that case you'd probably want something with 600-1500 CFM, it would cost far more, and typically would have a very different motor,filter and duct design.

        1. I also need range hood advice. We want to take down a wall in the kitchen and create an island. Problem is, that wall is where the cooking range is installed so we would have to put a range in the island. We don't like the look or expense of a ventilation hood over an island, is there a way to not have a hood? Is there a range that can suck the air in downwards instead of upwards? I'm new to all this so I haven't a clue. Any advice? P.S. We have high ceilings but I still don't want the smell/grease all over the house.

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            Do not even consider going without ventilation. I rented a house one summer which had been renovated with an island range, no venthood or even downdraft ventilation, and when we arrived everything had a thin film of grease over it - which I assume resulted from cooking without ventilation. I have also had a jenn-air with downdraft ventilation, and my experience was that they don't work very well at all. I wouldn't consider a downdraft range for my own home.

            In my current home we replaced a very weak, cheap over the range hood with a newer, more powerful and quieter model by Broan, and I'm still not happy - the vent hood doesn't extend out over the entire range, so steam, smoke and odors from the front burners aren't captured completely. It is quiet, but not effective enough. Buy the most powerful vent hood you can afford, and make sure it covers the entire range top.

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              dag44, heed the avice from jannie. We went with a island cooktop with a Jenn-air downdraft 'vent'. What a cruel joke. First of all, when the vent is on, it sucks the flame from your burner so you now have no heat under the pot. So, you just turn if off (not a way to win over your wife, what with the grease everywhere). And forgetting that, it just isn't very effective.

              We got rid of the Jenn-air and installed a kick-ass (24,000 - 30,000 btu) 30" cooktop with a 36" island hood. Yes it was expensive ($3,000 or so for the hood), but if you want to do any serious cooking on your center island you simply can't avoid a big, powerful vent system.

          2. Hi, Guys!
            I'm very happy with my fan. It's Spagna Vetro and I got a real deal from
            It's made in China, but works just perfect and the quality is really good!!
            It is 850 CFM (has 3 speeds on the motor) and it's OK for my kitchen (I have a gas stove). Has one year warranty.Highly recommended !!
            The price was only 359 !!

            1. We bought the Venezia Zephyr which has 715 cfm pull. We bought a 36 inch hood for a 30 inch range. It looks great and I think it has better ventiliation because there is overlap of 3 inches on each side. Good luck in your decision.