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Aug 20, 2007 05:35 PM

Lyndell's--that was not a black and white cookie

What I just ate from Lyndell's was good...but, it wasn't really a black and white, was it? It sort of looked like one but it tasted more like birthday cake. Good, but not a black and white. Not really.

The icing should be hard, not creamy. And the cookie, while cakey, shouldn't be quite so spongey. I hate to say it but a packaged Joey's version is more like a real black and white than Lyndell's.

Still, it was yummy.

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  1. That was exactly my reaction to it when I had one last fall. Kind of "this is a tasty flat cupcake!" sort of thing.

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    1. re: maillard

      Yeah, that's exactly what it is...a flat cupcake!

      For Boston, I've had a very very good REAL black and white at Bova's. Anyone else have a rec for a real black and white?

    2. What you had was a Boston-style half moon cookie, a slightly different animal than the NY-style black-and-white. I prefer the half moons.

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      1. re: Blumie

        Yes, you're right, and some of us who grew up w/those don't like the NY-style at all. I LOVE all the frosting on the Lyndell's version and the cake is so tender . . . I can barely leave that shop w/o buying one for myself.

      2. I had to send out a shoutout link to this guys' blog: he has dedicated his life to two thinsg, music and tasting every black and white cookie he can.

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        1. i personally feel like lyndells is good at opening cans and containers of pre made stuff but not a real bakery. I remember asking for an ingredient list and being told it was impossible because "all the containers have their own ingredients" !!!
          I cant believe they actually said this-out loud-!