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Aug 20, 2007 05:17 PM

Starlite Lounge, San Diego

Hey hounds, new place in Little Italy called the Starlite Lounge. Apparently by the same folks that serve up the Turf Club. Anyone been there?


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  1. it is on my list!!!! My friend went for drinks and emailed me the menu.. Looks fab..... sorry I dont know how it tates too much ..but he said they had great drinks and appetizers..

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      I went there last weekend, although I only had drinks. It is really a neat looking place, and was very crowded on Friday night. The outside patio looks like a fantastic place to eat. We sat at the bar in the back. Service at the bar was awful. They make lots of fancy martinis, which is great, but it takes them a tremendous amount of time to make these drinks, which shows in the long wait for drinks. The food looked pretty good. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was very young. I don't think I saw anyone in the restaurant over the age of 30.

    2. It's owend by the Tim Mays, who also owns the Casbah. It does have a supper club vibe, although I would personally just come for the drinks. The food was little pricey and not outstanding, but the drinks were good. The Starlite Mule is tasty, and at least they are strong. Service can be spotty, but IMHO "hang out and drink and snack if you like" type place as opposed to a dinner destination. Nice atmosphere, though, and tasty, strong drinks.