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Aug 20, 2007 05:04 PM

Dinner near McCaw Hall

We're going for a concert next week...any suggestions. We've tried Veil and 10 Mercer...what else is in the neighborhood that is chow-worthy?

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  1. Lower Queen Anne area, right? I like Crow. Simple but inviting food, a wide-open welcoming space, and very reasonable prices. The roast chicken is expertly cooked.

    Bahn Thai on Roy used to be one of my favorites for Thai, but I haven't been for 3-4 years so I'll reserve comment. I also used to love Medditerranean Kitchen, but it doesn't have the delicious and deep meze-style menus I later discovered at my favorite Lebanese restaurants nationwide, plus MK's prices have been climbing. Still, it offers a few solid dishes and gargantuan portions that can feed two.

    I still want to try the Greek joint Panos Klefitko, as well as Racha and Tup Tim for certain Thai dishes.

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      Peso's, the carne asada and the buttermilk fried chicken (which I believe is stuffed with.. stuff)....

      I know it's not great, but Choy's always makes me think of east coast americanized chinese food.... which can be a good thing. I miss it at times.

    2. Bahn Thai is still reliable. The Greek tapas at Panos is wonderful--much better than the full dinners, in my experience. Order several different kinds with some pita bread and you'll have a full meal!

      1. We've had several excellent meals at Moxie in Lower Queen Anne. Lauri Carter used to be the chef at Matt's in the Market and opened her own place. She has a wonderful way with seafood, though when we were there a couple of weeks ago, my husband couldn't get over how delicious the rib eye steak was--he is not a fat eater in general, but savored every scrap of fat in the rib eye because it was so tender. The desserts are also memorably good (including the house-made root beer for the root beer float). Though you could certainly linger there for a long time, my husband and his mom have managed to have a meal at Moxie prior to shows at the Rep with no time crunch.

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          We went with Moxie and were thrilled with our choice. We had the clams and foie gras for appetizers...both were excellent and generous. The clams had a most delicous broth that had me devouring 3 pieces of bread to get at it. Honestly, it could have been an entree.

          Dinner was the rib eye with twice baked potatoes and the halibut for me. Again, both were perfectly prepared and nothing went to waste!

          Dessert, we went with the waitress recommended empanadas, which could have been a little warmer/hotter, but were served with a most luxurious caramel sauce. I had the chocolate terrine, which ended up with a little of the empanada caramel sauce.

          The menus were diverse and everything we had was perfectly prepared. The restaurant was a little dark and moody for a summer day in Seattle, but in the winter, I would think the same atmosphere was very cozy. We won't hesitate to go back. Thank you for the recommendation!