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Aug 20, 2007 04:51 PM

Sola in Bryn Mawr

Has anyone been? What did you think? Dishes to stay away from or definitely get? We've got a reservation for Saturday night and I'd love some feedback. Thanks!

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  1. The Kobe beef carpacchio w/ seared foie gras is a wonderful, but pricey, appetizer. We've been to Sola many times and find it quite consistent. Great? Maybe not. Very good? We think so. BYO, in case you were curious (and nice stemware, BTW).

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      My very favorite restaurant in the area.
      I am going there tonight in fact. (Yes, in this downpour of rain!)
      The chef has a very discerning palate. Service is pleasant.
      Make sure to BYOB.
      I had a killer soft shell crab when I was there a month ago but I guess the season is over now.
      Their rack of lamb is excellent.
      Actually, everything on the menu is good.
      (Psst: Ask for the table in back of the front door or front window if you are 4)
      Parking is an issue. So as not to get towed, we park directly across the street in the Acme Market lot.
      Bon appetit!

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        Thank you for the seating tip! I'll call today and see if they'll accomodate the request. Did you go for dinner last night? What did you have?

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          What better than a great meal on such a rainy night... please let me know how it turns out!

      2. mmm fabulousness.
        it's BYO, so be sure to BYO if that's your thing.

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          Oh, that's definitely my thing!!!!

        2. Hi CJC:
          Okay, here we go!
          There were 7 of us and we all had different things. I had the appetizer that was crab 3 ways (I love soft shell crab and my mate gave me his in trade for my crabcake.) Deeelish!
          I had the rack of lamb which was very tasty.
          My mate had the salmon and pronounced it fine.
          The only glitch was one person who said her fish (snapper) tasted fishy. (We mentioned it to the server.)
          Other than that, everyone was very pleased with their meal and for a neighborhoood place, this restaurant is quite upscale IMO.
          The place was packed and for a rainy Tuesday night, that's quite something!
          Enjoy and please report back.

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          1. re: idia

            So glad you had a good time.... especially considering this awful weather. The crab sounds fabulous. Considering crab is one of my favorites, I hope it's still on the menu on Saturday. I will certainly report back to you. Just out of curiosity, what wines did you bring to drink? Oh, and is it cash only?

            1. re: cjc519

              You can use a credit card.
              I don't really know what the others brought but we donated a Gevrey
              Chambertin Pinot Noir and a Kunde Chardonnay. However, I had a Cabernet Sauvignon with my lamb (I don't remember the name but my friend is a wine connoisseur so I knew he'd bring something good.)
              The other wines were not particularly memorable so I didn't bother to even taste them.
              If you happen to have a server by the name of Genti, tell him we said hello.

              1. re: idia

                We went on Saturday night with another couple and really enjoyed it. I had the crab 3 ways and thought it was fantastic. It was so fresh and very tasty. Another friend had the calamari which was also really good. For entrees we all had something different as well. I had the fish special which was a fish similar to swordfish (can't remember the name now) in a light broth with clams. I thought is tasted very fresh. Someone else had the rabbit special and said it was very good. She had never had rabbit before so she didn't know what to expect, but was very pleased. Her husband had the steak. He really liked it; I thought it tasted a little too charred, but I think that's a personal preference. For the life of me I can't remember what my husband had. I'll have to ask him. For desserts, we had the creme brulee sampler and the cheese plate. The creme brulee was good, but I think I've had better. The cheese plate was very good and I liked that you could pick you three cheeses from the list. I would definitely go back. I also really liked the stemware.

                1. re: cjc519

                  I am glad to hear you had a plus experience.
                  And I also agree with you about the creme brulee. It was "okay" but I surely have had better.
                  I am not much of a dessert person to begin with. It would have to be something really special for me to order it.
                  I am more likely to get ice cream or sorbet.
                  I have never had their cheese plate. Maybe I will try it next time.

          2. Thanks for the comments on the stemware, it is my product that they use, SCHOTT ZWIESEL by Fortessa. I have to agree, a great wine glass make a great bottle of wine even better!!!

            1. We ate at Sola early (6:00 PM) this past Saturday. It was our third time. The service was excellent. All of the staff pays attention to what is going on and what is needed, e.g., the hostess removing extra table settings, pouring water, etc. Sola has a very good staff to table ratio. Now on to the food...the food was excellent the first time we ate at Sola (early in the summer). We both had fish dishes (halibut and salmon). Everything was flavorful and well presented. The second time we ate there the meal was good but not noteworthy. I guess the third time is the charm. Last night's meal was excellent. We shared the mixed green salad (goat cheese, spiced cashews, pickled red onions). For $9, the salad is small, but the dressing was excellent. For our main courses we had the sea bass with crispy skin and the cod wrapped in prosciutto. Both were attractively presented. The sea bass was served with a delicious risotto and baby white carrots and the cod was served with sliced, roasted fingerling potatoes and spinach. The fish portions were on the small side, but overall there was plenty of food on the plate. We had the sickel pear tart and banana tartain for dessert. Both were excellent. The restaurant was full by 7:00 PM. The acoustics of the dining room are very good and it was not too noisy and easy to have an intimate conversation. We had a very enjoyable meal and will definitely be going back.