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Spitz - doner kebab?

The last note I have about Spitz is that it was going to open some time in 2006. Does anyone have any recent experiences about this place that serves doner kebab?

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  1. I was last there about a couple of months ago.

    I like the place, the spicy lamb is very good and the tzatziki sauce is fantastic with a nice kick to it. Sweet potato fries are good as well.

    Usually a good selection of gelato on hand as well.

    The parking, or lack of it, keeps me from frequenting this place more often.


    1. It's open and it's very yummy.

      I actually had them cater an office meeting (for 12 people) and they did a fantastic job.

      1. The lightly fried pita strips are addictive!

        1. Yes its open. But the parking is horrific, the lot has only like 3 spaces and the rest is street parking, which is not that appealing on Colorado Blvd.

          But, the food is great. I especially love the sweet potato fries, you should eat them there or as soon as you get in the car, cause by the time you get home, they get soggy.

          All in all, its a great place to stop by every once in awhile to support an Oxy alum!!!

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            Thanks for the responses, everyone. Spitz doesn't get a ton of coverage on this board, so it's good to know they're fighting the good fight.

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              I agree, the food is great. The parking really isn't that bad. There are only 3 spaces, but there is plenty of parking on the street and it really never gets so busy that there is no parking.

            2. never had a problem with parking. these are two kids who traveled through germany and spain during their junior year at Oxy and opined for a good quality doner kebab when they returned only to find nothing. upon graduation they had this idea and decided if they didn't do it now, they never would. borrowed some dinero from the 'rents and they're off to the races. they've really learned a lot and hope to open more in the future.

              the food is great. the gelato comes from the bay area. it's okay.

              the first time we went, one kid was wrapping our kebab with so much care, we looked at each other and said, "this kid is an owner, not a minimum wager."

              check it out.

              1. Was in the area yesterday, so I stopped by. Having never had a doner kebab before, I was suprised to see the sandwich served on a grill marked, panini like bread. I was expecting a wrap in lavash, since they have stacks of it sitting around. Maybe you have to ask for lavash if you want that instead?

                Anyway, the lamb doner kebab looked like your generic spit-turned drum of industrial gyro meat, but it wasn't. Most gyros are commercially produced out of beef with a little bit of lamb. Spitz' meat was mostly lamb, and tasted strongly of it. That's good, because I love lamb. The chicken doner kebab was bland in comparison. It was ok and all, just didn't have a strong punch of lamb. I suppose that's the point for the lamb haters.

                Thanks for the recommendations, all. Was worth the visit since I spent the day in Burbank. Would not drive all the way from Orange County just for Spitz, though.

                1. sorry to say the doner there is really salty. i couldn't finish mine. left me wanting too much water. not really like the ones i remember at all the street stands in berlin. i had great hopes for them. haven't been back to try anything else there. :(

                  1. I just ate here on Labor Day. I had the original in lavash wrap with the pita chips. It's not exactly the same as the ones I had when I visited Berlin, but it's still pretty good. The pita chips were a little too salty for my tastes but I couldn't stop eating them.

                    I didn't care for the gelato, so I didn't bother with it. Besides, everyone and their mother serves gelato these days.

                    But maybe this will trigger a new doner kebab trend here in Berlin's sister city.