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Aug 20, 2007 04:25 PM

2007 List Your Favorite Seattle Brunch Buffets

Hi Everyone,
I'm live in Lynnwood, work in Seattle and I'm ready for a good brunch spot to check out. I prefer the buffet type brunches where you can sample a little of everything. Any suggestions? I've done Salty's on Alki and Ivar's Salmon House... anyone have recommendations of other good brunch spots?

Also let me know if there are any weekday buffet brunches around town.


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  1. 6/7 at the edgewater hotel. do a search on brunch here for more details. you can thank me later.

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    1. re: bighound

      Does Six Seven have a buffet brunch on Sunday's? Do they have a sample menu posted anywhere? I'm only finding brunch hours and a regular breakfast menu.

      Any other recommendations for buffet brunch in the Seattle area?

      1. re: jdiddy

        yes i believe the buffet brunch is only on sundays. sorry for the lack of clarification. as for a menu i don't think it's online. when we went thay had an excellent selection of seafood items, the omlette and waffle stations, eggs benedict, some nice salads, and a huge selection of sweets. and i personally fell in love with the deviled eggs with a succulent piece of dungeness crab meat perched on top.