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Aug 20, 2007 04:21 PM

Food & Wine cookbooks?

Does anyone have good experiences with the Food & Wine cookbooks, or with Food & Wine recipes in general?

I saw the 2004 book and the "Best of the Best" cookbook (also 2004) on sale for $8. They're beautiful, but I was able to resist until I found out a little more.

best of the best:

Annual cookbook:

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  1. Food & Wine put out a great series called Quick From Scratch(Chicken, Pasta, Vegetables, Fish, One Dish meals) and everything I have made from them has been really good. They are the first cookbooks I pick up when I want to make something and know that it will be good.
    I haven't tried their other cookbooks.

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      I get one or two of them a year and find them both pretty and for the most part very user friendly. $8.00 is a steal!

    2. I haven't cooked from their cookbooks, but I've generally found F&W's recipes to be very good. Their annual cookbooks are drawn from the magazine, so you could always persuse their web site, see what appeals to you, and try a few of their recipes for free.

      Since the "Best of the Best" books contain a few recipes each from the cookbooks that F&W deems the best of whatever year, whether you find them appealing will probably depend on the cookbooks featured.

      1. I personally own almost all of the Food and Wine cookbooks. I've acquired them from many used book sales and from amazon. I am completely in love with these cookbooks. Every recipe makes you go "ooh, i want to try that!" even my boyfriend, who isn't much into cooking, per se, absolutely loves to read these cover to cover. these come highly reccomended. i was actually turned on to them by a culinary instructor and close mentor of mine.

        1. I have 4-5 Best Of The Best cookbooks which were given to me and I enjoy them but really only because the concept of culling recipes from other cookbooks interests me. I've made a number of dishes from them, but I'd describe them more as a novelty rather than a "go-to" cookbook.