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banquet 100-150 honolulu =)


any ideas for a banquet for 100-150 people??? i was looking at hotels in the waikiki area because most of my guests are coming from the mainland....

i saw that e&o has a restaurant buyout... i'm not familiar with that term... but i assume it's called that 'cause you buy out the restaurant.. hahaha

i'm looking for dinner... buffet style, no more than $50 per head...

something delicious =) hilton hawaiian village is booked...

oh yeah, ambiance is also everything... ;P

much mahalos =)

ps i'll also be posting about cake bakeries soon too... =)

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  1. How about Mariposa in Neiman Marcus? My friend did a wedding there and it was just a great event,menu planning was easy and everyone enjoyed it. Or you could try Roy's in Waikiki, they have a private dining room that I've seen parties in that looked really fun!

    1. the willows has a couple of banquet rooms..... hawaiian buffet. its good, not fantastic, hawaiian food, great ambience, close to waikiki.

      1. thanks for the recs =)

        i checked out mariposa's menu but i think i have to check out the venue. i do like the food at roy's, and i guess they opened a new one over at beachwalk? i checked out willows, but i think the location could be more towards the beach... =)

        has anyone been to an event at the moana surfrider? or the kahala? or the marriot waikiki???

        i like these locations for convenience for the guests. i check ko olina and well, you can only reserve 6 months prior and if you are booking as a group through the sales dept., you have to block out 50 sleeping rooms. i don't think we'll be needing 50 sleeping rooms...

        anyway, since my family from the mainland like to eat a lot of good food.. but it has to be affordable for me and my H-to-be =) yup yup yup! i'm so excited! =)

        so i guess i'll be checking out venues during my upcoming visit =)

        sooo.. if anyone has any thoughts about the food at these places, i would appreciate it A LOT =)

        also, please keep the recs coming if anything comes to mind... our focus is good food and beach view =)

        MUCH MAHALOS =)

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          The Roy's that I mentioned earlier is the new one on Beachwalk.

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            the moana is wonderful. triple your budget. my sister had her wedding reception there, when my folks showed me what it cost .... well, nuff said on that. If you want a beach view you are really limited to a few hotels along the beach in Waikiki, and it is going to cost you.

            1. re: KaimukiMan

              my fiancee (hahah not used to saying that hahaha) and i stayed up late doing the calculations and made our budget... if the place is worth it, then i think we wouldn't mind spending that much.... we were also thinking kailua, and the windward side, but then we would have to have it earlier 'cause of the mountains yeah?

              do you remember if the food was good over at the moana for your sister's wedding? 'cause usually banquet style isn't as good as the individual restaurants yeah? did your sister have buffet or sit down?

              hear anything about the hyatt???

              his cuzin and her friend are actually scoping out places this week for the friend's wedding.. so hopefully i'll have more recs...

              much mahalos!!! =)

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                the food at the Moana was good, my stepmom HATED everyone that she had to deal with there. without exception they were rude and gave her the impression they were doing her a favor by allowing her to have her daughter's reception there. I can't remember if it was buffet or served....I'm thinking buffet, but part of my brain says no.... damn...don't tell my sitster....LOL

                As long as you are checking out the hotels, what does the Halekulani look like?

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                  you know i didn't even bother checking because i thought that it would be even way outside of my budget. i spoke to a banquet person today and she was actually a bit snippish. that's good to know about their attitude there....

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                    the ballroom is just a straight ballroom. no windows or anything... and i think my mainland guests will say, why come out here for a wedding if we're just in a ballroom. the outside areas don't allow amplified music... ack...

            2. I've been to a couple of wedding receptions at the Kahala (back when it WAS the Kahala), but I think both times it was heavy pupus and drinks and outdoors. I know I've been to several events at the Waialae Country Club and the food was pretty good. And there was a 70th birthday party at the HHVH and the food was good.

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                i called waialae.. you have to have a sponsor.... i don't feel comfortable asking my fam and friends to sponsor us... and i don't think they even belong to there... hahhah

                and the kahala seemed ok, but then i had them send me the banquet info and it's even more expensive than the moana....

              2. if you want to stay in waikiki you might also check what the cost for the banquet room at the New Otani are. it is the same view of waikiki as from the Hau Tree Lanai, just on the upper lobby level. Food is OK, but view is spectacular. On the other end of things, you have a hard time beating the view from John Dominis, although it is outside of Waikiki. The food there gets varying reviews, I haven't been there in at least a decade, but they do have a second floor banquet room.

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                  new otani is BEAUTIFUL and would be perfect for the ocassion! BUT before we left for vacay, they called and said that they do not have any facilities that can accomodate that number... =(

                2. Don't know if they are still around but Paradise Park used to do a decent buffett

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                    After 35 years photographing weddings...... Kahala Hilton now the Manderin Kahala tops my list. The Hale Koa military hotel is good too. (you need a military active or retired to sponsor you) Willows is very nice too. If this is a wedding... May I suggest having the wedding at 11:00 AM or so and a reception lunch to follow. It will be 1/2 the cost of a dinner in the evening. And everything will be all "pau" by 2 or 2:30.
                    With some brides booking hotels for weddings up to 3 years in advance... you best hurry.

                    1. re: Stan Wright

                      its not the Mandarin anymore either, just The Kahala

                      1. re: KaimukiMan

                        i checked the hale koa, but was not able to see all the rooms due to functions... how is the food at the hale koa? i have someone who is in the military who could sponsor us and we were thinking about it.. maybe i'll look into it more...

                        the kahala is beautiful with its dolphins and locations and such.. but to get married there you have to use only their vendors.... i'm worried that will make things evern more expensive...

                  2. I had a mainland wedding and my in-laws threw a reception for us at the Aquarium upon our return to honolulu. You have to get an outside caterer, but the view at the aquarium is amazing and the guests have access to the aquarium itself. It was really wonderful and might fall in your budget, depending on what you serve. I think it's only a couple hundred dollars to rent the aquarium. They looked into the area hotels and they are expensive.

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                      Yes, it is a nice lawn area at the Diamond Head end of the Aquarium, "next to" the Natatorium with a great view of waikiki and the Waianae's in the background.

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                        hey i didn't think of that! what a great idea!

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                          who did you get to cater? does that area have a beach view? i don't remember.

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                            the aquarium area itself is against the seawall, no beach right there, but you do see the water, and the beach down the way a few hundred yards away.

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                              Matter(s?) of Taste. My in-laws did heavy pupus buffet-style.

                          2. is anyone familiar with ala moana hotel? how are their banquet facilities? has anyone eaten there? how is the food?

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                              It has been years since I was there for a function (I think it was a Fasi fundraiser) The facilites are not anything special, nor was the food. It wasn't objectionable, but it sure doesn't meet your desires for something with a view or exceptional food. If you could get the food from the Chinese Restaurant in the hotel (Royal Garden) you would be better off, but still the rooms are nothing special.

                            2. About a year ago, maybe a little more I went to a reception at the Prince Kuhio Hotel. The food was surprisingly good (chinese), and the room has a nice view of the garden at the rear of the hotel. It isn't on the beach, but you know you are in Hawaii. I think it would be worth looking into.

                              1. we picked moana-surfrider =) i think one of the things that sold it for us was that everyone was saying that the food was really good there...

                                we will be doing a buffet... and well, another thing that sold me was that you can pick 4-5 desserts as part of the buffet!!!! yay!!!! i LOVE desserts =) that and it makes the focus on the cake, NOT there... hahaha