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Aug 20, 2007 04:07 PM

Thanksgiving Inn/Lodge/B&B - VA/NC mountains?

Hi folks! My family (split between DC area and Charlotte) are talking about meeting somewhere in the Virginia or northern NC mountains or foothills for Thanksgiving.

I'd love your suggestions for places to stay that serve a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Even better if it is near a town with a few things to do for the non-outdoor family members.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Silver Thatch Inn might be a good choice - Just outside Charlottesville, VA

    1. No question, the Grove Park Inn and Spa in Asheville, NC. The spa is outrageous, the INN is incredible, Asheville is fabulous and the Thanksgiving eats are to die for.

      I LOVE this place!

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      1. re: SweetPhyl

        Oh, Grove Park Inn is a great idea! Lodging is over budget, but I'll call and see if they allow dinner reservations for those staying elsewhere.

        Silver Thatch looks good, too! Will call.

        More suggestions are welcome!

      2. Ann and Bailey,

        I agree with the suggestion of meeting up in Asheville and would also like to toss out the idea of spending Thanksgiving in the small village of Blowing Rock.

        Here is a link to the Inn at Ragged Gardens:
        Not only do they have a great restaurant on site (Best Cellar), you are within walking distance to a number of fine shops and restaurants.

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        1. re: Windsor

          Returning to thank you for the suggestions. We now have reservations at the Grove Park Inn. :)

          1. re: Windsor

            We stayed at the Inn at Ragged Gardens on our honeymoon and dined at the Best Cellar. At that time, the restaurant was separate from the inn, but both were wonderful. The food, especially the duck, was exquisite. I am dying to go back. The last time I ate the Christmas buffet at the Grove Park Inn, I was very disappointed. The meats were dry, the veggies had been sitting too long and it was definitely not worth the money.

            1. re: samanella

              I would have to agree with samanella. While the food at the Grove Park is okay, it's never been worth the money to me. I have not been for the Thanksgiving buffet, but we did go for the Christmas Eve buffet a few years ago. We made reservations for 2pm, having been assured that the buffet was open until 3pm. When we arrived, almost all of the food was gone, and we were then told that there would be no more put out. We explained to the server that we had specifically made the reservation because we were told that we would be well within the buffet's hours of operation. We were summarily dismissed by the server and had to eat from the lunch menu, which consisted mainly of salads and sandwiches. (With two small, hungry children in tow, we could hardly try to find something else on Christmas Eve.) IMO there are much better places to spend money on a meal, and a lot less money, I might add. GPI IS a great place to go have codktails; you can sit by one of the huge fireplaces, people-watch, and enjoy the view. As far as the food, I wouldn't waste my money.

              1. re: stephw1

                I would have to say I agree with the above two posts regarding GPI. While it is a great place for cocktails, i have never been impressed with the food. Especially the buffets. I would just start calling asheville B&Bs. I know a lot do thanksgiving meal for their guests.

                1. re: WNCfoodie

                  i live in asheville and have had many opportunities to eat at the grove park. it's expensive hotel food. not bad, but by no means worth the price. nice place to have a drink on the terrace, weather permitting, or in front of one of the fireplaces, but go elsewhere for food.

          2. Go for cocktails, skip the not-worth-it food! We have gone to GPI 3 times over the years and every time we eat and then ask ourselves why.