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Aug 20, 2007 03:38 PM

Best Foodie Neighborhood?

Hi SF-

Recently transplanted Angeleno here scouting for my next apartment in SF and I'm curious to hear thoughts on the best foodie neighborhoods? I'm a single guy, so I eat out a ton and prefer restaurants with casual bars. I'm particularly looking for nooks, where there would be a great variety of quality options within walking distance.

Thanks & cheers!

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    I'd have to say it depends on what kind of food / what price range you're looking for. I think most people would agree that the Mission has a wealth of optionis- ranging from super cheap taquerias to more upscale places.

    Polk Street is a great area for food, anywhere between Bush and Union (the farther south, the seedier it gets). A lot of good solo dining spots (Pesce, Tablespoon, Le Petit Robert, La Boulange, The Bell Tower, Nick's)

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      Add Mediterranean Spirit, Mayes Oyster House (wait in line, though).

    2. The Mission circa 18th and Guererro.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        I second the Mission. Not only great bars, restaurants and taqueria options, but also good deli's and shopping like Bi-Rite and Lucca's. (Of course, the only thing the Mission is lacking is good Asian food since Slanted Door moved away.)

        1. re: singleguychef

          With the exception of Angkor Borei for Cambodian, the Mission doesn't have any of the best Asian restaurants in town, but Yamo, Lotus Garden, Bangkok 16, Sunflower, Yum Yum House, and Chili Lemon Garlic have gotten good reports here.

      2. If I can combine the Sunset and the Richmond under the heading of "Parkside"...You have Spices Uno and Dos, Lam Hua Than, Loy's, Yummy Yummy, UnderDog, Marnee Thai, The Richmond, Kitaro, Burma Superstar, Tommy's (tequila!), Khan Toke...

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        1. re: prettypithy

          There's already a "Parkside" but it's beside Pine Lake Park, and not much chow there.

          1. re: Gary Soup

            Maybe there shoud be a new neighborhood nickname? "Beside the Park", perhaps.

          2. re: prettypithy

            The OP wanted a neighborhood with places within walking distance so combining to already giant areas like the Sunset and the Richmond is not my definition of a neighborhood.

            Maybe Inner & Outer Irving and the Outer Geary area would work as walkable neighborhoods with a decent collection of restaurants.

            1. re: larochelle

              I may be biased, but in terms of walkability I'd suggest North Beach-Chinatown-Union Square-North Financial District (Belden Pace, Jackson Square).

              Not much residential near the centroid of this area, though.

          3. I'm a cheapo, and I can get my fix on Clement between 2nd and 11th. Lots of Chinese (Ocean Rest, Taiwan, Tong Palace, Good Luck Dim Sum) But also Thai (King of Thai)Burmese (Burma Superstarr - overrated in my book, but lots love it). Also Pizza (Oragasmica, or Giorgios). Turkish (Troya). French (Clementine). Japanese Crepes/Deserts (Genki), Desserts (Toy Boat), Bakeries (Shuberts, Grain d'Or). American Comfort (Q, and Clement St. Bar and Grill). Irish Pubs and Milk Tea Places Galore. Music at the Rockit Room. Not to mention more down Clement between 18th-22nd, or all along Geary! Gotta love the Richmond District!

            But I'm starting to make trips down to Valencia St. more and more! I think between Valencia St. and Clement, you could eat almost 50 countries worth of cuisines and still not try all the places or drink at every bar.

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            1. re: misterchinn

              i'd say for latin and european, the Mission hands down (as Robert mentioned, 18th and Guerrero is kind of a focal point).

              for asian, i'd say somewhere near Clement street in the Richmond District. A close second, especially for cheap eats, is the area around 9th and Irving in the Sunset.

              But for both the sunset and richmond, you have to content with the fog. much nicer weather in the mission, especially for someone coming from LA...

              1. re: sfoperalover

                The inner Mission is #1 for variety, both in terms of cuisine and price range: Yamo's two blocks from Delfina, Popol Vuh's half a block from Bar Bambino, El Toro's down the block from Bar Tartine. Factor in the lively bar scene and I don't think there's a better match for the stated requirements.