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Aug 20, 2007 03:32 PM

Phoenix Cooks Culinary Event!

Was excited to see this upcoming event. Chefs from the valley are participating in cooking demonstrations, classes, etc at the Biltmore on Sept 1st. Looks there is also a ton of exhibitors. More info at

Looks like this is their third year. Has anyone been before and how was it?

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  1. I wanted to go SO badly last year, but had a minor conflict with another event and was on a budget at the time...

    This year I am considering going - but would love to hear from someone who went - is it worth the money? Is the food/wine good? Is it really a tasting event, a networking event or a shopping/retail/product showcase event?

    Anyone with info - we would love to hear!

    1. We went last year and it is a combination of a tasting event with some retail thrown in. There were many food vendors and the event took up 3 rooms. One had some food tasting and cooking demos, one room was all deserts and cooking demos and the last room had most of the restaurant's booths, tasting and cooking demos. It was fine except it was SOOOOO crowded in all 3 rooms, one could barely move or get close to a restaurant's booth. This was our experience and we got there right at opening time (12:00 noon) The parking is also crazy and crowded. They need a much bigger venue, IMO

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        Thanks for the feedback. Was it held at the Biltmore last year? Hopefully they have ironed some of that out for this year's event. I'll report back as to how it went.