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Aug 20, 2007 03:04 PM

La Chaumiere in Georgetown - attire help...

Am meeting my boyfriend's mother this week at La Chaumiere in Georgetown on M Street and I'm not entirely certain how formal it is - am I get dressed up or DRESSED up? (Am a 32 year old woman with a fairly flexible wardrobe, for what its worth!) Any suggestions are appreciated. Additionally, while the menu as a whole looks delightful - any particular advice for dishes not to miss and those worth a pass? Appreciate it...

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  1. Business casual is the usual dress. I normally wear dress slacks and shirt ; no tie or jacket. I don't know the female equivalent. A few people are more dressed because they are coming from work. It is not a "dress up" place. I hace seen jeans worn there but I don't recommend it.

    I have never had a disappointing dish there. My GF favors rabbit dishes. The duck is very good. The pike quenelles in lobster sauce are very good. If you go to Tuesday, the special is crepes and they are very good. For dessert, consider the apple tarte. They are made to order and should be ordered when you place your other food order.

    1. My guess is your boyfriend's family is from the area. La Chaumiere is virtually a private club, especially at lunch.

      The dress is "Casual Monied". Think Town & Country Magazine. Linen slacks, silk blouse, mid-heel shoes and a Chanel bag would be perfect. Tasteful but modest jewelry. No perfume.

      The softshell crabs are usually excellent.