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Best Fish and Chips in the West

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I've tried Viking Fish and Chips on the Queensway. They serve halibut which I really prefer. Any other suggestions?

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  1. The Belfast on Dixie. Make sure you get the mushy peas. It's my #1.

    Scruffy Murphy's on The Easy Mall can be very good.

    1. Kingsway F + C is the only one i know of west west and I thought they were OKAY --- anything else out that way worth checking out?

      1. Though far west, Queen's F&C on Queen St(Mississauga Rd.)in Streetsville is my near-paradigmatic hole-in-the-wall, family-run choice for good halibut fish and chips.

        1. Is McNies around/still good? They're at Martingrove and Burnhamthorpe.

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            Still afloat but reportedly pricey for the quality/quantity--recall it as OK but not stellar.

          2. How about the Galway Arms on The Queensway...and they have great mushy peas with their fish and chips...if you like....Miranda

            1. If youv'e got a car, drive to Stouffville. Stouffville Fish & Chips is the best I've tasted!! They cut their own fries, fish and sweet potatoes daily.

              1. Lived in Etobicoke all my life and have tried McNie's, Kingsways F&C and Westway F&C. I still think the best quality halibut and crispy fries is at Renforth F&C (Rathburn and Renforth just west of 427)
                I think the price of a fish/chip combo is about $8.75

                Kingsway Restaurant
                510 Ferguson Ave, Haileybury, ON P0J1K0, CA