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Aug 20, 2007 02:36 PM

Bluefin sushi - Outer Richmond

I detest writing bad reports, I really do. Which explains why I have not yet written one about Mexico DF !

The owner at Tekka sushi has this great habit of just not showing up to open his little establishment. It was one of *those* days.

I wanted to go to Kabuto or still better, Murasaki.
However, someone in our party called a friend, and asked for an alternate recommendation.

He directed us to Bluefin sushi. We were informed that the quality was as good as Kabuto, and the prices were much lower.

I decided to not worry too much, and have a good time with my friends.

The waiter did not have the faintest idea what “omakase” was. This was the first warning sign. I was told to focus on having a good time, I should have beaten a hasty retreat right then and there.

Very unfortunate results. Here is what we had:

Walu (2)
Hamachi (3)
O Toro (2)
Maguro (2)
Sake (3)
Hamachi Collar

And some other stuff I can’t even remember. It was all terrible.

All the fish was sub standard and spongy. I mean, it was the worst nigiri I have ever had.
The saving grace was the Hamachi collar !
The total was about $140 with tip and taxes, with one small scotch and a small bottle of sake thrown in. I can't even say - "You get what you pay for !"

Yes, it was much much worse than even Tokyo Express on Mission St. – that “place”, where I try to satiate lunchtime sushi cravings.

I will never, ever venture to this place.

I should probably stick to the following places in the city for sushi:


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  1. Well, that sucks. I received a flyer from this place in the mail and was considering giving it a try, but I was skeptical due to the low prices. One tends to associate low sushi prices to low grade sushi and it looks like it applies here as well. Thanks, Osho, you saved me the time & money.

    PS: I can sympathize with your Tekka experiences. You never know when or if they're going to open. I know the owner plays golf at Harding Park, so perhaps he had a really bad round and didn't feel like working that night.