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Aug 20, 2007 02:24 PM

Outside Dining in Las Vegas

My husband and I (both late 20's) are celebrating our 1st anniversary in Vegas.

These are our choices

Lotus of Siam
Tao (so we can hopefully get into the club for free after dinner:))
Grand Lux
Sushi at either Koto or Kaigenro
Brunch at either Bellagio or Wynn

Does anyone have another suggestion for great outside dinng as we will be there in october and would like to enjoy the weather and a great view :))

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  1. i recently had brunch at bouchon and brunch at the verandah at the four seasons. while both are excellent, i would have to give it to the verandah by a hair. try the corned beef and pastrami hash with crispy potatoes. get the eggs over easy. wow, delicious. you have the option to sit outdoors (which i did). although the view is just of the four seasons pool, it is still very nice.

    bouchon is a tiny bit cheaper and their breakfast americaine is a great deal. i would definitely go back for that.

    lotus of siam is probably my favorite restaurant in vegas.
    tao has surprisingly very good food. if you want to skip the lines at tao, i would definitely recommend dining here.
    grand lux is a sister of the cheesecake factory. i would probably skip this one.
    never had koto or kaigenro but have eaten at okada at the wynn. sit at the sushi bar. very very good.

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    1. re: jwn

      what's in the pastrami hash... is it just meat or are the potatoes mixed in??? i've never ordered it, but i love pastrami.....

      1. re: lorishea87

        Yes. Just replace pastrami for the corned beef in corned beef hash.

    2. I would skip Grand Lux too. We spent just as much there as @ Bouchon & the quality was far better. I would never return unless I had NO other option.

      Koto is closed & now operating (or will be) under a new name with new owners.

      Okada @ Wynn is wonderful & they do have some sort of outdoor seating, but it may be reserved only for a large party. Not too sure.

      We prefer the Wynn to The Bellagio as far as buffets go.

      Mon Ami Gabi is a board favorite @ Paris. Nice outdoor seating across the street from The Bellagio fountains.

      Also, we loved Strip Burger @ The Fashion Show Mall (across from Wynn).
      We would take it anyday over Burger Bar & they are "the strips only all outdoor restaurant" & I quote.

      Have fun!

      1. I agree with dbug that the food at the Wynn buffet is superior but it is also noticeably smaller. So if part of the reason you want to try it is to get the sense of abundance, Bellagio might be the better bet.

        If viewed as a hotel coffee shop rather than a destination restaurant, I think Grand Luxe does decent job, but I'd sure rather visit the Peppermill.

        Both Mon Ami Gabi and Cafe BaBaReeBa have nice patios for outdoor dining.

        1. Like mentioned by a few others, Bouchon at The Venetian is -fantastic- for breakfast. You can dine outdoors, and it's very relaxing there as well. Oct. should be perfect, weather-wise. Grand Lux Cafe, tho...I would really pass on that choice. Service is very slow when they are busy, but if you want a slice of cheesecake, they have a small to-go counter next to them. For the $$$, I just don't think GLC is worth it.

          Kaigenro is one of my local hang-outs, but i've yet to have sushi there! *LOL* I go for the ramen, which is wonderful, as is their yakisoba. They are a great pick, as they are open till 2am, most nights.

          Tao is well..Tao. I've never eaten there, but I walk by the nightclub some nights and am amazed at the huge lines. Too crazy-busy for my likes- plus the music blaring from the club makes me want to run away! (I guess they have different may want to call and ask about that)

          You MUST try LOS! It's beyond delicious, and i've never had a bad meal there.

          If you go to Bellagio, stop by Jean Phillippe for some of the best chocolate treats in town! I drool just looking at the chocolate fountain.

          If you have a car, visit Rosemary's. They are famous in town, for some of the finest food in Las Vegas, and they are Strip-free! It's a nice escape from the hustle-bustle of the ol' Strip.

          Or, go the opposite, and hit The Peppermill for Old School Vegas eats. Open 24/7, and home to the best, biggest nachos in the WORLD! Plus, really good cocktails.

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          1. re: Honeychan

            thanks for the tip on tao. whats my best option at avoiding the line? Theres people on ebay selling f.o.l. passes but i thought by dining there i would be able to get one ...

            1. re: coloradosmom

              The best option is to ask for the manager on duty and tell him that you want to get into the club. If he hems and haws about it - slide him a $20. I don't think this is right but it will surely get you in without the line.

              But what's the big deal about a line anyway? There aren't places in Vegas that will put you out for an hour or two in line. The most you will be there is 1/2 an hour at the max ( unless it's a special function or a special weekend ), so why waste the money? You can't wait 30 minutes for your next alcohol fix?

              I would suggest skipping clubs altogether and just having cocktails at a decent bar but what do I know?

          2. I second the recs for both Mon Ami Gabi and Strip Burger!! They are not to be missed.
            Also, just as FYI, Tao is great, but dining there doesn't always guarantee free entry into club right after...especially on weekends when the outside lines are crazy long. I've seen more than a few people get escorted from their dining tables, straight out the door and instructed to wait in line with everyone else.

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            1. re: EDL

              I third Mon Ami Gabi. I was there a couple of years ago in early November and it was still warm enough to eat outside, and great view of Bellagio fountains. Steak frites--YUM