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Aug 20, 2007 02:21 PM

Best patio for a lazy sunday b-day

I have a group of about 10 people gathering next Sunday to celebrate a birthday. I'd like to spend it outside on a patio with good food and drinks. The beach is the obvious destination, but we're not married to it, especially since most of the group will be coming from the valley.
It'd be great to find a place with more then bar food to offer, anyone with a reccomendation?

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  1. You didn't mention price, but Geoffrey's in Malibu comes to mind and its easy to reach over Kanan or Malibu Canyon. The patio and views are beautiful. Moonshadows and Dukes also have patios and are less expensive than Geoffrey's, but I find their food barely passable. Paradise Cove Beach Cafe probably has the worst food of the three, but it's right on the sand in Paradise Cove and is less expensive than Geoffrey's.

    1. I LOVE the Wherehouse in the Marina. Maybe not the creme d'la creme in food source but, I have never suffered. You can't beat the patio which sits on top of the boat docks, the warm sun and endless champagne!

      1. Waterfront Cafe
        Back on the Beach Cafe

        Also like the patio at Lilly's French Cafe.. Could also go to The Lobster for higher end.

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            I guess I think of the back portion of the restaurant as a "patio," but not techniquely it's not I guess. Perhaps too many dinners staring into the sun, or staring at a dinner partner clad in sunglasses clouded my recollection of indoor seating seeming outdoor :)

        1. Ditto on the patio at Lilly's being a good choice. Next door, Joe's also has a lovely patio, but I think they might have trouble accomodating a group of 10 (Lilly's might, too). Haven't been to the Rose Cafe in Venice in a long time, but they used to have a nice, big patio (open for breakfast and lunch only). I found the food at the Warehouse in Marina del Rey mediocre....wouldn't recommend.

          1. Please, oh please do not go to Paradise Cove. Their food is atrochious..practically inedible. I've been there twice. I've tried the calamari which is mediocre if not sub par. It came which a ton of filler (French Fries). The coconut shrimp were dry/overcooked and the panko breading tasted burnt and absorbed much too much of the grease. The dipping sauce was too sweet and had no real flavor to it. The clam chowder was the worst. It was basically a cream of clam broth. There were two little clam bits and no veggies bits. I think I had one bit of a tiny mushy potato. The shrimp scampi which looked and smelled good was practically inedible. I couldn't give it away to anyone at my table. I didn't think you could screw up on something so simple....butter, garlic, a touch of lemon and parsley. But oh nooo, there was this thick SALTY sauce covering the whole dish. It tasted like a oversalted seafood broth that was condensed down. Horrible. Their mojitos are over priced and overrated as well. Please spare yourself.. overpriced cafeteria food plus you have to pay for parking. Anywhere else in Malibu but not Paradise Cove.

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              I second that. I found PC to be near inedible.