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My eyes are all tears, can't quite read the flootwine site's pages right now...


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  1. This seems to be the most disgusting, appallling wine related product EVER. Comparing themselves to Champagne???? It infantalizes wine for the Red Bull set. There is a special place in wine Hell for these jokers. I wish them only failure!

    1. Try it with a scoop of Häagen Dazs: Floot Float!

      1. Ugh-h, I wonder if it's better than the Sophia bubbley from Coppola. IMO, dreadful stuff, but good for a laugh.

        Oh, and thanks for the laugh!


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        1. re: Bill Hunt

          We get the Sophia cans when we have family BBQs- we call them "mommy juice boxes". They always get a laugh but then generally end up undrunk.

        2. From their web-site

          "we modified the traditional method of making champagne. We start with a blend of high quality white wines and infuse the effervescence."

          Did they think people might not understand 'pump in carbon dioxide'?