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Aug 20, 2007 01:37 PM

Stanton Social

Has anyone ever been? If you have, please tell me about your experience!

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  1. Fun atmosphere, unique concept, great place for a group or celebration, yummy food.

    1. I really like it there....I was surprised how good the food was. Best to go with a you can get a bunch of's all "small plates", but decent size really. They've changed the menu since I've been some of the things I had aren't on there. Honestly, everything we chose was good....but I pick good!

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      1. I'm probably the exception on this board, since this place generally gets good reviews, but I really disliked it when I went. The crowd was an primarily loud investment bankers and the women who love them tottering on stilettos, and the food was just tarted up junk food. The much-praised sliders were somehow both overseasoned and bland and those french onion soup dumplings tasted like they were made from a powdered mix. If you're going for scene, I like Freeman's and Schiller's better. If you're after good food, you'll do better at Little Giant, Inoteca or Suba.

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          Yeah the whole i-banking crowd...something about that upsets the dining experience. But I'm new to NYC dining and maybe you can't escape it. Now I know why you either dig the "scene" or you stay away.

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            I never experienced that crowd there...i believe it...just didn't see it

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              I am also in the minority group. The food is fine and better than most of the bar food out there, but it is not somewhere you go to get an exeptional culinary experience. The crowd is just too noisy and service is too chaotic to me personally. However, this kind of sceney atmosphere is exactly what some peope look for when they want to have fun, so if this is what you are after, then this is indeed the place.

              I have also heard that brunch is very different and overall a better experience, but I have yet to try!

        2. I've been there a few times, once for brunch and maybe two or three times for dinner, including last Friday night. I was with 5 other people and we had a great time. I think the food is good to very good - nothing that will blow you away, but tasty. The real attraction for me is that its great with groups because you can share your food with so many people.

          I've liked the Red Snapper Tacos, Crab Cake corndogs, and Chicken and Waffles. The Kobe burger sliders and the french onion dumplings I think were OK. We very much liked the drinks - but I don't remember what they were.

          I'd agree with oolah about the investment bankers, etc., but I don't think its any different than other trendy-ish Manhattan places on a weekend night. On other occasions like for Brunch I've thought the scene to be just fine.

          1. I loved the fun food, but didnt like our cocktails. Don't order a vodka gimlet! The french onion soup dumplings are great, as well as the sliders and edamame (it has an addictive sauce on it)

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              Vodka gimlet sounds good...thanks for the heads up. I'll be there this weekend and that would likely be one of my first drinks.