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Aug 20, 2007 01:29 PM

gourmet meal in tokyo, trying to choose one fancy spot, recs?

We are going next week, and I want to make some reservations before we leave. These are the places we are considering, and price is not really going to be a hindrance.

Sakai's restaurant La Rochelle
Ryugin (I know there is a poster here who is a huge fan)
Beige by Ducasse
Pierre Gangaire's Les Saisons
One of the Roubuchon restaurants (although i have been to both the mansion and l'atelier in vegas)

am i missing something better that I haven't listed? and which should i choose, if i am only going to do one meal at this level?

lunches and other casual meals I am looking into:

toyoda ginza enoteca
izikaya at yamariki & daidaiya
lunch at the food counter in mycity dept store.
visit tsukiji and eat at a stall

thanks for any input.

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  1. i know you read my ryugin/tokyo report and i don't know where you live, but you seem to eat well --- in my humble opinion, when in tokyo, eat local: for purposes of this discussion, that means a japanese chef cooking japanese based cuisine. skip ducasse and gagnaire and eat their food elsewhere, same for robuchon. we stayed at the grand hyatt for one night and we walked past robuchon, you could have been anywhere in the world, it is a french bistro in a mall.

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    1. re: susan robin

      that makes sense. we were just looking to do 1-2 evenings of something less traditional, as we are there for 5 lunches and four dinners, and lunches will most definitely be more traditional and all japanese.

    2. Probably a good idea to skip Ducasse et al, though no reason not to mix up your culinary experiences here, Tokyo has incredible lunch deals, so I wouldn't neglect eating in interesting places for lunch, and do the Japanese thing for dinner.

      For example, Restaurant Kinoshita in Yoyogi, near Sangubashi station, is a wonderful French place that features the robust and personal cooking style of it's owner Chef Kinoshita, you cannot get a reservation at dinner, but lunch is no problem and you can have your concierge call ahead and tell them you want the 7,000 yen dinner course at lunch time, Robuchon eats here when he is in Tokyo. Have lunch at il Ghiottone in Maronouchi--a mix of Italian and temple cooking. I am a big Ryugin fan so for the splurge eat there before Chef Yamamoto gets famous.

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      1. re: steamer

        thank you for the further endorsment of ryugin. i think we will definitely hit that. and thanks, also, for the lunch recs.