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Aug 20, 2007 01:21 PM

Lidia Bastianichs Restaurants

Im looking to take my boyfriend out for his birthday to a nice restaurant. He loves mostly any type of food, but i heard Lidias restaurants were incredible. Any opinions on her restaurants or suggestions for a good italian restaurant in new york?

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  1. i have been to Becco, which was good. They have all you can eat pasta for around 20$ and no bottle of wine over 20$. I have not heard that many good things about felidia, my father went there and he was not impressed. I will tell you the best italian meal in NYC I have had recently was at Limpero in tutor city.

    Here is the web site.

    The chef is a james beard award winner and it was fabulous.

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      If you want to take your boyfriend somewhere memorable take him to Felidia. I was there last week with my husband and we had an incredible meal. The atmosphere is romantic, the staff was helpful in their suggestions and the food was simply delicious. If you want to take him somehwere really special this is the place...and try the pear ravioli!

    2. I was just at Becco last week. Their food is very good. My table had several apps (proscuitto/parm, heirloom tomato salad, meatballs, calamari) plus the pasta course and the osso bucco, the zuppa de pesci, the swordfish and the fish special and everyone loved it. The service was impeccible...the waiter and bussers very attentive and knowledgeable. It wasn't the best italian I've had but it was quite good and the service is excellent.

      1. As the above posters said, Becco is pretty good. But I would not call it a great place to go for a "nice" dinner to take a BF/GF to. It's great for a pretheatre meal and that sort of thing.

        I've been to Felidia and I've loved it. I found the waitstaff to be professional without being overbearing and they've made some excellent suggestions. I particularly liked the olive oil tasting.

        Lidia is also a part of (I believe) Del Posto along with her son Joe and Mario Batali. I have not been but there are plenty of opinions on this board about Del Posto.

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          I found Becco "touristy." And the tables are so close you could fall onto the next person. It is also quite loud. At least you get to hear some juicy conversations.
          Felidia, yes!

        2. Babbo, which is owned by Lidia's son Joseph and Mario Batali is great. If you can't get in there try L'Impero. They have a new chef, Michael White, formerly of Fiamma, and he's terrific. If you can't get into L'Impero try their sister restaurant Alto.

          Lots on this board like LUPA but I've never been.