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Aug 20, 2007 12:55 PM

california cuisine with care in Newport/Laguna

i had good luck finding places for good beers through the board, so thought to ask about dinner.

After reading, i looked up numerous restaurants and found many of them serving food items (e.g. Hudson Valley foie gras, Maine lobster) available anywhere and also serving things that caring chefs shouldn't serve (e.g Chilean Sea Bass).

Are there any restaurants that have these three elements:
> regional, local ingredients
> somewhat trendy environment
> high-quality cooking

appreciate the thoughts in advance...

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  1. 'stonehill tavern' - michael mina's place @ the st. regis

    'studio' @ the montage resort - i think the chef, james boyce, is known for using local, seasonal ingredients

    1. I have heard many times that Richard Mead, the chef of Sage, buys all of his produce from local farmers markets.

      If you would like to experience the food of some of the finest chef in Orange County, I suggest you go to The Great Chefs of Orange County at Balboa Bay Club this Sunday.

      It is a benefit for the National Kidney Foundation. The chefs that will be cooking are; Andrew Sutton of Napa Rose, Takashi Abe of Bluefin, Azmin Ghahreman of Sapphire, Florent Marneau of Marche Moderne, the chef from The Loft at The Montage Resort, the chef from Motif and St. Regis, the chef from Aire Global Cuisine, the chef from Hush, Yvon Goetz, Pascal Olhats of Pascal...jeez..I forget who else.

      There are also going to be lots of wineries.

      My wife and I went last year and had a great time and ate some great food.

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        Is this open to the public? I looked briefly in the link you provided and looks like tix are about $150 ea. I would love to go.. what exactly does that include?

        1. re: karynx78

          The ticket buys you entry. Then you walk in, grab a wine glass and start visiting each chef's booth and winery booth. They are of course small bites of food and wine pours, but you can go back again and again and again.

          You can easily spend extra money on the auction items, but it is for a good cause and you can easily get items for way less than you would normally pay. Last years (and this years) host Mario Martinoli offered himself and Pascal to cook a private dinner. Very cool.

        2. re: cdmedici

          Ditto on Sage - Richard isn't the chef anymore (still owner & oversees), but he's trained the new guys very well & it's he that goes to the Farmer's Market every morning...

          1. re: torta basilica

            Ah...I almost forgot, Richard Mead will also be cooking at The Great Chefs of Orange County.